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Interpersonal Communication in an Intercultural Setting.

, general inner growth as a human being and the way in whichwe view ourselves in relation to others.Edward T. Hall, a prominent scholar in the field ofCommunication, developed and presented two major ...

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Invasion of Personal Space in Same Gender and Opposing Gender Groups

individuals prefer is also affected by the nature of the relationship between the two parties. When Edward T. Hall first introduced his theory on interpersonal space it was a relatively new science in ...

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Intercultural Communication

the cultural variations in communication patterns. Using the seminal works of noted anthropologist Edward T. Hall (1958, 1967, 1976), sometimes referred to as the "father of intercultural communicati ...

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Females Perform Higher Proximity than Male in Communication in Standing Position at Interpersonal Level

is research measures interpersonal distance between dyads using the Interpersonal Distance Zones by Edward T. Hall. According to Tubbs and Moss, interpersonal distances are divided into four zones: in ...

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"The Hidden Dimension" by Edward T. Hall

Introduction The book, "The Hidden Dimension", written by Edward T. Hall was published in 1969. The book mainly aims the cultural perception of space by Hall' ... f space by Hall's proxemics Theory, which also called "anthropology of space" (Hissey, 2004, p.44). Edward T. Hall who is an anthropologist, provides the idea that individuals communicate differently ... in the same way. Hall points out that "information received from receptor is modified by culture" (Edward T. Hall, 1969, p41). Individuals receive visions by eyes; receive sounds by ears; receive sen ...

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The intercultural conflicts reflected in the movie Babel

t a lot of misunderstandings and conflicts.High context culture and low context cultureAccording to Edward T. Hall, "A high context (HC) communication or message is one in which most of the informatio ...[4] bookEdward T. Hall, Beyond Culture, Anchor Books, 1976

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Cultural aspects in terms of business activity in Ghana

collected by Geert Hofstede and his team or analysis of attitude to time and communication based on Edward T. Hall observations. Results of Geert Hofstede's cultural dimensions are shown on following ... k much about the future that is why there is also small propensity to save for the future.Regarding Edward T. Hall concepts Ghanian society could be described as a high context culture, which means th ...

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