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Sports Injuries and the effects of exercise addiction on the body.Also looking at the female eating disorders relating them to sports

and to improve their performance to the point where they cannot control this addiction.The positive effects of exercise are:·It is good for the body·Increases social skills (mixing with ... has many benefits but if exercise is abused it can cause many problems for the athlete.The negative effects of exercise are:Over training which can cause injury and many other problems·Decrease ...

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The effects of exercise on cardiac output

Nikul Patel DS1325-12-03Effects of exercise on cardiac output(For results see graph paper)AnalysisAfter the initial period o ...

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Physical activity and exercise in old people

uction3Physical activity and exercise in old people7Definition5Different types of exercise6Positive effects of exercise on old people8Negative effects of exercise in old people9Barriers to exercise in ... re identified.The aims of this literature review are to focus on existing knowledge in terms of the effects of exercise on different aspects of health related quality of life, to identify the gaps in ...

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The Importance of Regular Exercise on Mental Health.

ning a steadier level of growth promoting an ideal neuron function. More specifically, the positive effects of exercise on the brain happen in a region called hippocampus (2).Potter and Keeling conduc ... t that periods of timed and short exercise can improve memory function and significantly reduce the effects of daytime circadian rhythms on memory performance (3).A different but still interesting app ...

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