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the shortest revolution of all the planets in our solar system and revolves around the sun in about eighty-eight days. Radar observations of the planet show that its period of rotation is 58.7 days, o ...

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even San Bernardinohas that many but what do I know. Rwanda is twenty six thousandthree hundred and eighty eight miles squared which in my mind istiny but I'll say again what do I knows. So to figure ... easly little country you must multiplyseven hundred and ten by twenty six thousand three hundred andeighty eight and you get a whole lot but when I looked in the bookit said seven million two hundred ...

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s born . While he was still in high school at the age of thirteen he married Kasterbura.In eighteen eighty-eight, Ghandi sailed for London England. There he studied law in a university. While in colle ...

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Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom Strategic group and technology

billion and they have upgraded or remodeled the majority of their stores. (Saks pres. P.7) Saks has eighty-eight million dollars of cash on hand and a credit line of seven hundred million dollars. (Sa ...

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Conspiracy of AIDS

The Conspiracy of AIDSEvery minute five people die worldwide from AIDS. Eighty-eight percent of these people are living in third world countries. AIDS (short for Acquired I ...

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Fiona Wood and the Bali Bombing

Bar in the town of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali, killing over 200 people and injuring 209. Eighty-eight of those killed and many of the injured were Australians. Others hurt and dead were fro ...

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Robert Frost: The Life of a Poet

ave become a standard for schools and libraries everywhere. The poet of freedom knew tragic joy for eighty-eight years. His days were not free of tears, though some have thought he was unduly optimist ...

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creasing in poor countries, and decreasing in wealthy nations, causing the population to increase. "Eighty-eight percent of the world's population takes place in Third world countries. More than a bil ...

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How Much Is Too Much? (Water Intoxication/Hyponatremia)

to hyponatremia. A study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine of four hundred eighty-eight runners in the 2002 Boston Marathon found that sixty-two, or more than eight percent, h ...

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How filial piety work in ancient Chinese society

at surprised me the most is Qianlong's extreme outrage towards his respected teacher, Zhang Tingyu. Eighty-eight-year-old Zhang sent his son to give thanks for Qianlong's benevolence after his persona ...

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Analysis of the Immigration Problem

organization projects a twenty-year increase of 600 to 700 million people who will be seeking jobs. Eighty-eight percent of the world's population growth takes place in the Third World. More than a bi ...

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