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Current research on psychology of creativity

k through he needed to solve the last remaining problem before piecing together the sewing machine.*Einstein's "train ride on a beam of light" which taught him--and us--his Theories of Relativity and ... is critical in certain types of creative activities such as writing poetry, books and songs. Albert Einstein and Virginia Woolfe both had a speech tendency known as speech preservation where each had ...

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Look Before You Leap: Similarities between Victor Frankenstein and Albert Einstein

e do it. Time and time again we have heard the story of Frankenstein. Equally well known is that of Einstein and his search for the secrets of the atom. Both of these show that reckless experimentatio ... abeth and the rest of his family would have lived in peace.It is pretty basic knowledge that Albert Einstein worked with the scientists of the Los Alamos National Laboratory to facilitate the splittin ...

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Albert Einstein, the mind of the century.

Einstein has become a symbol of the modern science, a figure that has subverted all the patterns of ... odern science, a figure that has subverted all the patterns of the American definition of the hero. Einstein was the first intellectual superstar and he has gained his popularity through the only way ... lying the discoveries of his brilliant mind on pragmatic things, as the rockets and the atomic bomb.Einstein was enormously helped by the fact that he wasn't associated with any renowned educational u ...

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Albert Einstein.

Einstein lived as a boy in Munich and Milan, continued his studies at the cantonal school at Aarau, ... cepted the chair of theoretical physics at the Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich.By 1913 Einstein had won international fame and was invited by the Prussian Academy of Sciences to come to B ... Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, which he held until his death in 1955. An ardent pacifist, Einstein was long active in the cause of world peace; however, in 1939, at the request of a group of ...

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Describes the who, when, what and how it was developed of the big bang theory.

Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang theory tells a present-time idea of creation. Great scientists such as Einstein, Alexander Friedmann, Edwin Hubble, Monsieur L'abbe George Gamow, and a team of Princeton p ... sicists led by Robert Dicke helped conceive and improve the Big Bang theory.Originally conceived by Einstein in 1915, the Big Bang theory began when he published a paper Called "Cosmological considera ...

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Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Basic explanations on Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

try to explain it in any technical data here. But it should be useful to have a general idea of whatEinstein was dealing with, the problem he was concerned with.Everybody knows from experience that al ... ing only when it is considered relative to something which is fixed. That's the first basic part of Einstein's theory. We may state it as: The motion of a body travelling at uniform speed through spac ...

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A Basic Understanding of Quantum Theory

was composed and found in tiny packets called quanta. This was the original quantum theory. In 1905 Einstein said that energy changes occur when electrons change orbits. This came about while he was s ... ower orbit it emits a light particle. Scientists used to think that light came in a wave form. Then Einstein found that it comes in a particle form. The particles are called photons. It was later disc ...

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Information On The Manhattan Project

99.9% of the mass was accounted for, but some small amount appeared to have vanished. According to Einstein, matter and energy are related. That is, the chair on which you are sitting could turn comp ... test graphite, but when he waited for the $100 check, he never got it! Finally, campaigning through Einstein and Fermi, widely recognized scientists of his time, he finally convinced Roosevelt to give ...

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Music History

rt of any human being's culture is music. Music has a biological basis as well as a cultural basis. Einstein stated, " The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible." In ...

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The Allais effect -- Changing our views on gravity and how it works.

th, the pendulum began moving faster that expected.Now known as the "Allais effect", it contradicts Einstein's theory of General Relativity - The modern explanation of how gravity works. This affect i ... ffect too miniscule to be a major part of this phenomenon. It is still a possibility, however, that Einstein's theory of General Relativity is wrong.There are still a few explanations, nevertheless, t ...

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Both novice and expert play a vital role in discovery

ge is one of the most essential factors for the incredible discovery. For instance, both Newton and Einstein, two of the most creative people in the history, had made a thorough preparation for their ... ory, had made a thorough preparation for their brilliant ideas which brought on science revolution. Einstein stuck to an experiment which reassessing the heritage of the physics while other theoretica ...

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Quantum Physics: What do we really know?

ntum physics? Max Planck really got the idea started when he said that energy is quantitized. Later Einstein created the photoelectric effect where he claimed that light energy came from something cal ...

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Nuclear Energy.

r nuclei* Fission had occurred.* Potent source of energy!* Energy fromE=mc2* In more complete form, Einstein showed that at relativistic speeds we cannot use k=(0.5)mv2 .* Remember from special relati ... body: K increases.* Or Work is done on a body: mass increases.* Then ENERGY transforms into Mass.* Einstein:Instead of k=(0.5)mv2We must useK=(m-m0)c2Or K = mc2-m0c2As K = E-m0c2E=m0c2+KWhere E = tot ...

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To what extent do personal attributes affect Ways of Knowing and why, if at all, does answering this question matter in the first place?

Einstein's belief in God made him reason differently about the new physics (quantum physics). He wou ...

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"Our Technologies Establish the Truth of many of our Scienttific Laws." Is there any Comparable means of Establishing Moral Rules and Norms?

object's acceleration due to gravity was constant, he could not easily test this at the time. When Einstein conjectured that energy and mass are in fact the same thing in different forms, there was, ... ess for establishing moral rules or norms as truths, but perhaps, as has happened with Newton's and Einstein's theories, this may change. In my opinion, the most obvious objection to this possibility ...

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Albert Einstien

Einstein was very good at physics. He was born in Ulm, Germany where he grew up in Munich and his fa ... ally retarded. Some people have thought he was dyslexic. A headmaster told his father that whatever Einstein wanted to do when he got older wouldn't matter, because "he'll never be good at anything". ... He began learning to play the violin at six and became very good for a beginner and kept his talent.Einstein attended the Luitpold Gym in Munich and he didn't like it because it was too strict. He was ...

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The World Beyond

next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something (Edison).Like much of Einstein's work, the field of Paranormal Investigation is one that has been scrutinized for many yea ...

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A Talk with Einstein about Theorizing.

Much has been written about the truly remarkable and unique contribution of Einstein in the realms of science and humanities. It is ardently hoped that what is presented here i ... dition to the already highly developed and abundantly available knowledge. Nevertheless, certain of Einstein's thoughts were felt to be usefully expanded upon and an attempt has been made to highlight ... iacy to daily experience. Therefore, to illustrate the elements of wholeness and comprehensivity in Einstein's mind, we draw upon a conversation which occurred between Heisenberg and Einstein. Hopeful ...

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Dorkon Files: The Escape

o be considered dorks, but in all respect, they are. The mentally challenged citizen's IQ surpassed Einstein's by nearly 50 points. Strange how a community of geniuses could only manage to live in sma ...

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Creativity- meaning, domains and what creative individuals are?

institution to get a degree. Creative people are the ones without qualification. Picasso, Leonardo, Einstein etc have changed our culture in some important way and were the ones without qualification. ...

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