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The Chemical Element Florine

st reactive of all the elements. It can only be separated from its compounds using large amounts of electrical energy. Fluorine is so reactive that it can extract oxygen from water and it also release ... up Name: HalogenBlock in Periodic Table: p-blockStandard State: gas at 298 KelvinColour: pale yellowElectrical Resistivity: unknownMelting Point: -219.62 degreesBoiling Point: -188.12 degreesOrigin of ...

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Fuel cell technology and automobiles.

it is being used is in theNASA space program. The fuel cell works by converting chemical energy intoelectrical energy and heat, as long as there is sufficient fuel present to supply thereactions. This ... and otherassociated parts. The internal design will be changed from mechanical-controlledsystems to electrical based systems. General Motors is working the AUTOnomyconcept, whereas the drive-by-wire s ...

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How an electric generator works and what parts it consists of.

An electric generator is basically an electric motor working backwards. An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and an electric generator converts mechanical energy into ... motor. Each consists of a loop that is able to rotate in a magnetic field. The electric motor uses electrical energy to make the loops rotate which creates mechanical energy. In the electric generato ...

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he British chemist; Sir Humphrey Davy in 1808. Humphrey is known for his research of reactions with electrical energy and chemical reactions. Magnesium is the light weight metal that doesn't change un ...

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UK-Wind Power 2015

and offshore wind power could in principle be built up to meet at least 10% of the UK's demand for electrical energy by the year 2015. This paper gives a brief discussion on the possibilities of achi ...

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Elevators should have restrooms and some advantages and disadvantages to have it.

e bathroom in an elevator are as follow: bad odor, space consuming, cost effectiveness, more water /electrical, energy required, Less time available for ease up or any quickie, you may high-pass your ...

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Nikola Tesla: The Forgotten Father of Technology

n mankind; specifically that one person was Nikola Tesla. The eccentric and brilliant Croatian born electrical engineer contributed profoundly to our understanding of magnetism and electricity. He is ... tents in the US and Europe. Tesla's discoveries include the Tesla Coil, fluorescent light, wireless electrical energy, radio, remote control, and the discovery of cosmic radio waves (Feldman 224).Born ...

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Working of Electric Filament Heaters:

toaster, electric toaster oven, or an electric space heater all work on the same idea. They change electrical energy to heat energy.The devices all plug into a source of electricity. Electric current ... chromium. It has two features that make it a good producer of heat:Nichrome wire has a fairly high electrical resistance compared to something like copper wire, so even a short length of it has enoug ...

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Photovoltaic Cells.

iency of a PV cell is defined as the ratio of the sunlight energy that hits the cell divided by the electrical energy that is produced by the cell. This is very important when discussing PV devices, b ... le to escape from its normal position associated with that atom to become part of the current in an electrical circuit. By leaving this position, the electron causes a "hole" to form. Special electric ...

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The History of the Radio.

e form in a variety of ways. I will explain how the Photovoltaic cell transfers the sun's rays into electrical energy. I will begin by describing the structure of a basic PV cell, then explain how the ... erstanding of the functioning the silicon, I move on to observing how the light is transferred into electrical energy in the silicon. Light that is radiated from the sun comes to us in the form of ele ...

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Nuclear Power for mankind.

t can be transferred to another system or changed in form. Nuclear energy fuels about 20% of the US electrical energy. Questions about the safety and economy of nuclear power created perhaps the most ... ed the U.S. Atoms for peace program. It was a breaking point to offer the future a better source of electrical energy. Environmentalist foresaw a reduction of air pollution and strip mining with such ...

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Physics formulae for beginners

Electrical energy in the homeE = F/qE = electric field strengthF = forceq = chargeE = kq/r2E = elect ...

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Flame Photometry

an atom exist in different energy levels. When energy is added to an atom in the form of light/heat/electrical energy, the atom becomes excited and electrons begin to 'jump' to higher energies (Figure ...

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The feasibility of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in Australia

air conditioning system suggest that the use of deep ocean cold water may reduce the consumption of electrical energy because the cold water system delivers more efficient power. The deep ocean water ... Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion whereby solar energy is stored in the ocean waters and converted to electrical energy is a well-established one. In 1881, Jacques Arsene d'Arsonval postulated the idea ...

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Preliminary Physics Research Task - Electrical Energy in the Home

Paul Robson � Preliminary Physics Research Task - Electrical Energy in the HomeQuestion 1- Volta and GalvaniVolta invented the 'Voltaic Pile' in 1801 ... proved contact potential by highlighting the role of conductors, metals and moist conductors as the electrical "motive force" found in animals. He also denied the existence of animal electricity, inst ... t of commonly used materials for conductorsCopper - Copper is the main metal used for smaller scale electrical conductors. This is because it ductile (can be made into wire), and is very electrically ...

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Assignment on Hrm and Pm

have taken an ascending curb on the international market. The transmission and distribution grid of electrical energy is of latest technology and the country is supplied by electricity to every nook a ... omers thus becoming the biggest electric company of the country. Due to its increased production of electrical energy and customers, its labour force also has increased to 1500 of which 700 are staff ...

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ger, disease and early death.In 1990, the United States had 140 incinerators ablaze trash and makes electrical energy, but almost twice that figure had also been given up for lost in the preceding eig ...

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Color blindness

and present at birth. The retina, is a complex nerve system which converts light energy into electrical energy that is then transmitted to the brain. This conversion is accomplished by two type ...

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ue to gravity it creates electricity. Specifically, the energy of the flowing water gets changed to electrical energy by a type of generator. These generators are usually located where water falls fro ...

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What are the benefits and limitations of nuclear technology in generating energy?

generate electricity. To produce electricity, these power plants convert other forms of energy into electrical energy, and nuclear fission occurs when they divide the nucleus of atoms to smaller parti ...

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