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Report on the bionic ear and why it is made out of the materials it is made from.

t. The headset consists of a 22-channel stimulator that is held in a titanium capsule with platinum electrodes which is inserted into the shell-like structure in the inner ear known as the cochlea. A ... the skin to the implant which transforms the signal to electrical pulses. The pulses pass from the electrode array and stimulate hearing nerve fibres within the cochlea.It is not possible to make the ...

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Solar cell technology.

es back to 1839, when the French physicist Antoine-Cesar Bequerel observed that shining light on an electrode submerged in a conductive solution would create an electric current. Later in 1877, Charle ... was reported initially by Henry Becquerel in 1839, who observed light dependent voltage between an electrode immersed in an electrolyte. Sunlight is composed of photons, or basically "packets" of ene ...

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Chemistry electrolysis coursework

opper (Cu) metal deposited during the electrolysis of Copper Sulphate solution (CuSo4) using Copper electrodes, when certain variables were changed. It was considered that the following factors could ... Time2. Current3. Temperature4. Molarity/Concentration of Solution5. Quantity of Solution6. Size of Electrodes7. Distance between the electrodes8. The surface of the electrodesThe time was chosen beca ...

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What Is Electrolysis

rent through a solution or molten salt (the electrolyte), resulting in the migration of ions to the electrodes: positive ions (cations) to the negative electrode (cathode) and negative ions (anions) t ... itive ions (cations) to the negative electrode (cathode) and negative ions (anions) to the positive electrode (anode). During electrolysis, the ions react with the electrode, either receiving or givin ...

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Reaction between HCl and Marble Chips

hat the concentration of an electrolyte affects the current that can be passed through itApparatus: Electrodes,Beaker,Lab PackMeasuring CylindersWiresMaterials: Hydrochloric acid (HCl),WaterDiagram:Pr ... e experiment will be this. I believe this as the experiment is reliant upon the surface area of the electrode at any one given time. I therefore believe that, there will be a peak to the graph as the ...

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opper (Cu) metal deposited during the electrolysis of Copper Sulphate solution (CuSo4) using Copper electrodes, when certain variables of controlling the current, maybe with a computer, and also I cou ... in temperature, so that it can be monitored. I also could have kept the size and separation of the electrodes the same. I also could have made sure that the crocodile clips were completely out of the ...

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Murphy´s Law

persons were strapped on a rocket propelled sled which was brought to an abrupt halt shortly after. Electrodes fitted to a harness were supposed to show the effects of this drastic slow down. But some ... fitted to a harness were supposed to show the effects of this drastic slow down. But somehow those electrodes did not work properly and nobody could tell why. Murphy found out that every single elect ...

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Research paper on Nanocrystalline Material

rated from the system. The plasma arc is a transfer of arc energy through tungsten, a nonconsumable electrode surrounded by argon gas that shields the tungsten from an "oxidizing environment" (Jenkins ...

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Terminal Man

a computer programmer.B. Well, in the book now, they are doing the surgery. They are implanting the electrode in his brain. This is supposed to make him stop doing the things he is doing. Things such ...

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Implantable Digital Device For Tissue Stimulation

f a vagal nerve in a patient, the implantable digital stimulation system comprising: a plurality of electrodes at one or more intravascular locations in proximity to a vagal nerve inside the patient; ... ntrolling the electrical stimulation by programmable selection of at least some of the plurality of electrodes and by programmable selection of one of a plurality of stimulation waveforms, and (b) a s ...

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How are Car batteries made and how they work ?

attery is made up of one or more electrochemical cells, each of which consists of two half-cells or electrodes. One half-cell, called the negative electrode, has an overabundance of the tiny, negative ... f the tiny, negatively charged subatomic particles called electrons. The other, called the positive electrode, has a deficit of electrons. When the two halves are connected by a wire or an electrical ...

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Investigating a factor that affects the volume of H2 at the cathode in an electrolysis reaction

s through oxidation and reduction reactions. The power source pushes electrons towards the negative electrode where they enter the electrolyte. They are released at the positive terminal and returned ... ed to the source. The current is passed through the electrolyte by the ions as they transfer to the electrodes. Electrons always flow from anode to cathode.AimInvestigate a factor that affects the vol ...

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