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Alternatives to Incarceration.This paper is about options available for offenders that do not require jail or prison terms.Raises the question of cost effectiveness.

education, treatment, or other pre-approved activities. This program may be with the assisted with electronic monitoring. The last level is home incarceration. This program requires offenders to rema ... subject to random contacts across all hours covered by the condition in order to verify compliance.Electronic monitoring is another widely used form of surveillance in which an electronic device is a ...

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Organizational Impact of Electronic Monitoring Technology

This is an "impact statement", relating to the effect electronic monitoring would have on an organization's formalized "rules and procedures" and internal ... e, management should work to minimize any negative ramifications on the organization. To ensure the electronic monitoring system is successfully integrated, an organization will have to change its rul ... rthy.Advances in technology have allowed employers to collect, store, and analyze "telephone calls, electronic mail ("email"), Internet connections ("Internet") and computer files" (Chang). There are ...

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Electronic Monitoring Probation

I am doing this paper on electronic monitoring. I am doing this paper because I need a paper to write for you and this is the ... you and this is the page I opened to in the book to get the idea. No, really because I believe that electronic monitoring is a terrific way to police probation and parolees when probation and parole o ... are somewhere they shouldn't be, it would be a lot easier on probation and parole officers. Electronic monitoring is a good idea and should be used more. The advances in technology can be very ...

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Electronic Monitoring

INTRODUCTION This research paper will define electronic monitoring, how electronic monitoring works and discuss the advantages and disadvantages. ... British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Newfoundland are the only provinces in Canada that use electronic monitoring (EM), because they were not afraid to embrace the new technology. Electronic m ... er from incarceration that can reduce cost, and avoid over-crowding at prisons (Berlin, 77).WHAT IS ELECTRONIC MONITORING a) Definition of Electronic Monitoring The offender wears a bracelet on the wr ...

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