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Classificaion of Scandium and Zinc are not transitional metal base on their general chemistry and properties

ionic compounds, and the elements of the p-block, which are largely covalent. In the s- and p-block electrons are added to the outer shell of the atom, in the d-block electrons are added to the penult ... ll of the atom, in the d-block electrons are added to the penultimate shell explaining from 8 to 18 electrons. The transitional elements typically have an incompletely filled d level however, in group ...

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IB Chemistry - Intermolecular Bonding Essay:

ity, polar and non-polar, and electronegativity.Ionic bonds are created by the complete transfer of electrons from one atom to another. In this process of electron transfer, each atom becomes a ion th ... hen atoms react,, they tend to do so in such a way that they attain an outer shell containing eight electrons. The factors that effect the formation of ions are ionization energy, electron affinity, l ...

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for this essay I investigated Ohms Law. I investigated the effect that the length and the thickness of wire had on the resistance.

Investigating ResistanceElectricity is the flow of electrons. Resistance is the slowing of this flow. Resistance will increase when there are more elec ... rease when there are more electrons for the current to collide with. It will also increase when the electrons are moving at a high speed. There are five main factors that affect resistance. These arei ... eased, the resistance will decrease. This is because if the wire is increased from 10cm to 20cm the electrons will have more wire particles to collide with.I.E ?10 cm 20 cmii.As with all solids, liqui ...

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Our Solar System

works, it is necessary to go back to some basic atomicconcepts. In the simplest model of the atom, electrons orbit a central nucleus, composed ofprotons and neutrons. each electron carries one negati ... rge and each proton one positivecharge. Neutrons carry no charge. Every atom has the same number of electrons as there areprotons, so, on the whole, it is electrically neutral. The electrons have disc ...

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Discovery of the electron

i did this report for my chem 1 class, its nothing special, but if you need some info on electrons, or the discovery of, then this is great. noneThe Discovery Of The ElectronThe electron wa ... he equally charged proton is positive.This is somewhat a unfortunate convention, because the flow ofelectrons in a conductor is opposite to the conventional direction of the current.The most accurate ... for the viscousdrag on a slowly moving sphere. The charges thus measured areintegral multiples of e.Electrons are emitted in radioactivity and inmany other decay processes. The electron itself is comp ...

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ll of one atom contains a full shell. Xenon is one of the most stable elements on the table. The 54 electrons are arranged, so that there are 2 in the 1st shell, 8 in the 2nd, 18 in the 3rd, 18 in the ...

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Tungsten (the element).

n be found on the periodic table to the right of Tantalum. Tungsten is an element with obviously 74 electrons and 74 protons. The amount or neutrons in this element total one-hundred-ten. Like all oth ...

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What an electro magnet is and how it works

osts that are the terminals. If you connect a wire between the negative and positive terminals, the electrons will flow from the negative to the positive terminal as fast as they can. You usually conn ... something to the battery using a wire. Inside the battery itself, a chemical reaction produces the electrons. Electrons flow from the battery into a wire, and must travel from the negative to the pos ...

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Botany Lab Report on Cellular Respiration.

pyruvate per cycle using one glucose molecule. Pyruvate is then used in the Krebs cycle to release electrons in certain steps. These electrons then enter the electron transport chain where a series o ... e involved with the Krebs cycle. In one step, succinate is converted to fumarate. During this step, electrons are released from the reaction, which travel to the electron transport chain where they ar ...

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"Electron Microscopes" - Electron Microscopes (EMs) are scientific instruments that use a ray of electrons to examine small matter on a very fine scale.

Electron MicroscopesElectron Microscopes (EMs) are scientific instruments that use a ray of electrons to examine small matter on a very fine scale. They are extremely useful, as they can produ ... TEM) as there was a greater desire to see finer details of interior structures. They used a beam of electrons instead of light so that it aloud them to see more easily through the specimen. But the Sc ...

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This is a A+ essay on Lazers.

ity. An atom consists of a nucleus (containing the protons and neutrons) and an electron cloud. The electrons in this cloud "circle the nucleus in many different orbits" (Bertolotti 51). In other word ... (Bertolotti 51). In other words, if we apply some heat to an atom, we might expect that some of the electrons in the lower energy orbital would shift to higher energy orbitals further away from the nu ...

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This is a full report on elemental Mercury.

Mercury holds the 80th spot on the Periodic Table. It has 80 protons, 80 electrons, and 121 neutrons in a neutral atom. It is in the 6th period, and the 12th group. A neutra ...

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This is a full report on elemental Mercury.

Mercury holds the 80th spot on the Periodic Table. It has 80 protons, 80 electrons, and 121 neutrons in a neutral atom. It is in the 6th period, and the 12th group. A neutra ...

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Describe and explain the periodic trends of the period 3 elements Na - Ar

leus increases so the nuclear charge increases. The force of attraction between the nucleus and the electrons increases so the electrons are drawn more tightly to the nucleus so the size of the atom ( ... Mg.ElectronegativityElectronegativity is just the power of an atom in a molecule to attract / pull electrons to itself. The stronger the pulling power the higher the electronegativity.Electronegativi ...

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology.

de of the fuel cell. Here a simple catalyst is used to break apart the nucleus of the atom from the electrons. As the positive hydrogen ions flow across the membrane, the electrons follow the path of ... membrane, the electrons follow the path of least resistance which is through a circuit. The flow of electrons through the circuit is the usable energy and can be used to power anything electric. When ...

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gy. Antimatter's existence was first predicted in 1930 when Paul Dirac's theory about the motion of electrons in magnetic and electric fields required the existence of another type of particle, an ele ... r. Among other things, it is used in Position Emission Tomography scans, or PET scans. By combining electrons and positrons, their antiparticles, at low energies, this can be achieved. In PET, fluid c ...

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Describing the process of Electorlysis and how the number of coloumbs can verify the amount of current given off

A)t = time (seconds)*The Faraday constant, F, is the quantity of electricity carried by one mole of electrons.F = Avogadro's Number x charge on electron in coulombsF = 6.022 x 1023 mol-1 x 1.602192 x ... of metal can be calculated: Q = n(e) x FQ = quantity of electricity in coulombs (C)n(e) = moles of electronsF = Faraday constant = 96, 500 C mol-1*Electrical Energy, E, can be calculated: E = Q x VE ...

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Module 1 biology notes

t 1500 times and its limit of resolution is about 2umľElectron microscope uses beams of electrons. Its maximum magnification is about 500,000 times and its limit of resolution is about 1nm ... times and its limit of resolution is about 1nm. A transmission electron microscope passes beams of electrons through a specimen to be viewed. A scanning electron microscope bounces beams of electrons ...

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Resistance in a wire- good essay.

are negatively charged to make it a balanced atom. To have current flow, you must have a source of electrons. If they have a path to flow through, they will be attracted to the ions. Voltage is the d ...

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A Basic Understanding of Quantum Theory

tanding of Quantum Theory When most people think of atoms they picture the common picture of electrons spinning around a nucleus. In spite of the popularity of the image, according to classic N ... s known as quantum physics. One thing that is true about the common picture of atoms is that electrons circle around the nucleus. They each have a certain orbit that they stay in. When an elect ...

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