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R. I. A. A. stands for Ruthless Ignorant and Avaricious. An expository essay on the music business and what threatens it.

the Recording Industry Association of America, which represents the five major record labels, Sony, EMI, UMG, Time Warner, & BMG. The R. I. A. A. has been prosecuting offenders of their copyright ...

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The biography of Tiziano Ferro

team of producers and arrangers approached every Italian record company with his demo. Eventually, EMI Music Italia signed Tiziano Ferro to their label in May 2001. From then on, Tiziano's life was n ... no Ferro to their label in May 2001. From then on, Tiziano's life was never the same. In July 2001, EMI released his first single "Perdono" and a superstar was born. Within a few weeks, the single gra ...

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The impact of technology on music is overwhelming. Technological advancements in the last century have revolutionized the way we make, market and listen to music.

ominated by a few major record companies, such as Universal (United States), Sony (based in Japan), EMI (United Kingdom), Warner (United States), and BMG (United States). Technology has a great impact ...

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g BMG. The other four companies are Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Group and EMI. Universal is the largest of the companies and were the first company to use digital music downl ... company and they use similar methods as Warner except Sony is better with adopting new technology. EMI is the smallest of the five companies and is contracted with and EMI earns 50% of ...

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ew technology may be addressed. A type of interference under study is electromagnetic interference (EMI). If it were to occur, it could stop the pacemaker from delivering the stimulating pulses to the ... research of this issue by the FDA, it was found that cellular phones, which were believed to cause EMI to pacemakers, did not seem to pose a significant health problem for the vast majority of pacema ...

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