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Analyse the cinematic techniques used in the "Exorcism Of Emily Rose". How do these techniques reveal concepts of justice?

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005), directed by Scott Derrickson, has elements of a number of genres, however chiefly ... ver chiefly it could be classed as a Horror/Mystery/Thriller. The main tagline is 'What happened to Emily?', suggesting that the viewer will be making up his/her own mind in relation to the events por ... ura Linney, as defence lawyer Erin Bruner, an agnostic who represents Father Moore (Tom Wilkinson). Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter) is deeply religious, as is her family. As she moves to college she b ...

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ow a grown man says he has no recollection of it and has joined the priesthood himself.The story of Emily Rose is new, that is to the movies. It was based on a true story of a young German girl who ei ... site today is visited by many people around the world because of their belief that even people like Emily can still be a symbol for good. The population that thinks they or someone they know could be ...

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be related

spiration to gain societal acceptance. Ultimately, the tracking shot after the ground breaking for 'Emily's Home' signifies Jason's overall sense of acceptance as part of the new foundation, the track ... of acceptance as part of the new foundation, the tracking shot of the butterfly symbolises not only Emily's freedom from cancer but also Jason's freedom from the crippling societal dislocation. Inevit ...

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