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This essay is on Magneticly Levitated Trains.... It explains basicly how they work as well as how they have a future in transportation because they are very efficiant.

ities) (4).There are 2 main types of levitation and propulsion which I will explain in this essay, (EMS) Electromagnetic Suspension and ( EDS) Electrodynamic Suspension. EMS is run extremely close to ... ch heat, it is cooled using refrigerated helium. (6)Levitating and Running the TrainThere are 2 systems used to levitate and direct the MagLev trains. EMS (electromagnetic suspention and EDS (electrod ...

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"Electron Microscopes" - Electron Microscopes (EMs) are scientific instruments that use a ray of electrons to examine small matter on a very fine scale.

Electron MicroscopesElectron Microscopes (EMs) are scientific instruments that use a ray of electrons to examine small matter on a very fine s ... parts of the slide. It is then projected onto the viewing screen, a little like a slide projector.TEMs work the same way except that they shine a beam of electrons through the specimen. Whatever part ... is projected onto a phosphor screen for the user to see. A more technical explanation of a typical TEMs working is as follows (refer to the diagram below):*The Virtual Source at the top produces a str ...

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Implement an Environmental Management System, the memo to the employees. [For a business memo-writing class]

l 4, 1994, the Steering Committee will begin the implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS). All of the company's procedures will undergo a review to determine the level of environmental ... ify you of your meeting date. This meeting is mandatory. It will detail the following:Introduce the EMS specialistsEmployee trainingCompany auditingISO 14001 certification resultsI urge all employees ...

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The European Monetary System

order for aal those to be accomplished, the European had to create a monetary system, which called, EMS (European Monetary System). The EMS was created in order for the countries of EC to achie ... eated in order for the countries of EC to achieve financial cooperation and monetary stability. The EMS was created in March 1979 as an answer to the instability of the European economies, caused by f ...

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Marketing Plan for Modcon a company in EMS segment

discussion base.Company VisionModCon is guided by its mission of becoming the market leader in the EMS segment and successfully competing in the CMS market within the UK and Internation.Company Missi ... t the answers," ModCons mission is to become the technology leader and key supplier for control systems and contract manufacturing.Our national and international customers will recognize the value we ...

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Security Risk in Utility Management Workplace Security

urance Task Force (NSTAC), which recognizes vulnerabilities in critical utility Process Control Systems (PCS), such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Energy Management Systems (EMS) ... d numerous business entities. These factors alone cause companies to incorporate their business systems and share information with internal and external stakeholders, thereby adding considerably to th ...

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Pediatrics Case Study Paper: The Case of the 12-year-old boy who presented with a head trauma.

A.B is a 12 year old, male who presented to the W.C.H.C E.R. department on August 24, 2005 via EMS for a head injury, that was caused by a collision with a car while he was riding his bicycle. He ... injuries may cause: changes in personality, emotions, or mental abilities, speech and language problems, loss of sensation, hearing, vision, taste, or smell, seizures, paralysis and coma (Saunders, 17 ...

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IBM & EMSs Partnerships: An Operations Management Case Study.

INTRODUCTIONAlthough outsourcing becomes one of the options for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce costs and increase returns, it has advantages and disadvantages. The following is a d ... n on the IBM's decision on outsourcing computer assembly to some electronic manufacturing services (EMSs). It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the decision, and recommends some operations ...

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Emergency Medical Services

Brian Joyce EMS 139 11-06-01 ... 11-06-01 Future of EMS According to Mosby's Paramedic Textbook Second Edition " the extended scope of practice ...

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air medical transport

nsure that individual received instant medical care even during the warring times. The evolution of EMS has championed the development of air medical services.The medical practitioners and the society ... ices.The medical practitioners and the society have always felt the need to devolve the medical systems to ensure that individual receives immediate medical response (Graser 45). The pioneers of the i ...

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