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Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833.(Encarta) His father Immanuel Nobel was an engineer and inventor who built bridges and buildings in S ... years he founded factories and laboratories in some 90 different places in more than 20 countries.(Encarta) Although he lived in Paris much of his life he was constantly traveling. Victor Hugo at one ...

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'Iran, länder i fickformat'. Det anses att ha gått upp till 16 miljoner nu.*2 = Taget ur Encarta 95 Iran Shahyad Tower_________________________________________________________________Sen fr ... er den store men det finns fortfarande mycket att se.Notförteckning -------------*1 = Taget ur Encarta 95 Shiraz_________________________________________________________________- Oj, vilken histo ...

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The Byzantine Empire

richest city in Christendom during the Middle Ages with a population of about one million people. (Encarta)Constantine the Great had established a criterion for the empire to follow throughout its hi ... the emperor had been the largest landholders, therefore being the largest profiteers of Byzantine. (Encarta)After the Roman empire fell in 476 AD, Byzantine conquered all. It took over the space of so ...

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Témoins de Jéhovah

erfect humankind willthen enjoy eternal life on earth.'(1) (1)MICROSOFT CORPORATION, Encarta '95 - 'Jehovah's Witnesses', États- Unis, Funk & Wagnalls, 1994, CD-ROM ... ce (Sarthe), Les Éditions du Cerf, 1990, 127 pages -2- MICROSOFT CORPORATION, Encarta '95 - 'Jehovah's Witnesses', États-Unis, Funk & Wagnalls, 1994, CD-ROM ...

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Intellectual Decisions

ich is most commonly called 'crack'. Cocaine is taken mainly in two ways: inhalation, and injection(Encarta '96). When inhaled, cocaine travels up through the nasal passage to the capillaries that lin ...

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Catholic Beliefs vs Individual Beliefs

soul after death.Death is "the ending of all vital functions or processes in an organism or cell" (Encarta). Death is a natural process in life in which all humans are destined to experience. Many pe ... he Catholic Faith.Works CitedBrantl, George, ed. Catholicism. New York: George Braziller inc., 1962.Encarta World English Dictionary. 2001. Encarta. 03 December 2001 .Hardon, John A., S.J. The Catholi ...

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Chivalry and Knighthood

an'. In Old french, the word 'chevalrie' meant knightliness or 'chevalier'meaning knight. (Microft, Encarta) Almost all origins of the word meant horseman.Warfare was not an option in the medieval per ...

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Life of Alexander the Great. From birth to death, this essay covers it all. Many little known facts Did you know that Alexander the Great was gay? Even has a works cited!

ympias, daughter of King Neoptolemus I of Epirus. Alexander had one younger sister named Cleopatra (Encarta pg. 1).The people of Macedonia were a semi-Greek culture. They spoke Greek but they spoke it ... and theater. He was a brilliant man, and very loyal to everyone who followed him (Alexander pg.3) (Encarta pg.1).A year after Alexander became king he carried out his father's plans of going to war o ...

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The Grant Years, speaks of Ulysses S. Grant

out of school he went to West Point Military Academy and graduated 21st in his class of 39 in 1843 (Encarta, 1995). After graduating West Point he then was promoted to the Army. Grant was assigned to ... son Barracks, MO (World Book CD-ROM, 1995). There he met Julia Dent and married a few months later (Encarta, 1995). They had a family of four children and moved to St. Louis. Grant built a cabin named ...

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A Biography of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Term Paper, including Bibliography.

also the first professional writer to be college educated and familiar with great European writers (Encarta Online). I focused my work on themes such as; initiation, guilt, pride, Puritan New England, ... mance that assumes the universality of guilt and the complexities and ambiguities of mans choices" (Encarta Online). I am also known as a "skillful craftsman with an impressive architectonic sense of ...

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An analysis of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust and various poetic works.

red Goethe by making up stories as a child. In some ways this sparked the beginning of his career. (Encarta, 2)Goethe's father, as a man of power, sought for him to receive the best education possible ... ng his son, as he was fearful that the public would look more favorably upon his son, not himself. (Encarta, 3)In the middle of his teenage years, Goethe was sent off to the University of Leipsig, whe ...

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research paper about the possibility of time travel

that time slows down as you approach high speeds. (Brian) This is some times called time dilation. (Encarta) As objects approach the speed of light, time slows to "a snails pace," at the speed of ligh ... ake one.Works CitedBrian. Brian's Views on Time Travel and Interdimensional Voyages. 16March 2001. .Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2001. Computer Software.Microsoft, 2000"Time Travel" Narr. Stacey Keac ...

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90 degrees Celsius.. Metal iron occurs in a free state in only a few localities, notably Greenland (Encarta, 1996). One of the physical properties of iron as an ore is its color which can be black, br ... se of its shape (Symes, 1988, 56). Other ores included goethite, magnetite, siderite, and bog iron (Encarta, 1996). Even though iron is tough and hard it is still easy to work. Iron is a active metal ...

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It's about the benefits for old people exercising!

letal muscle. The term is usually used in reference to any activity that promotes physical fitness (Encarta, exercise). Aging is inevitable, but exercise can help you live a longer healthier life.The ... much alive in our culture because we desire to look youthful and we desire to actually be youthful (Encarta, exercise). This is one of the ironies of life. Throughout childhood you can't wait to be an ...

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This essay is about the threat from weapons of mass destruction to the United States.

Then, a few days later on August 9, the U.S. dropped another atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki. (Encarta "Hiroshima") Since World War 2 nuclear weapons have not been used to attack another nation. ... Jersey: Simon and Schuster, 1999 Butler, Richard.The Greatest Threat.New York: Public Affairs, 2000Encarta "Hiroshima". Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia.1998 Ed.

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Guitar Pickups By, Ernesto Sanchez A complete guide to the anatomy history invention and impact f guitar pickups.Includes Bibliography.

ithout one thing; the guitar pickup.First a pickup is technically called a transducer. According to Encarta online, a transducer is "(a) device that converts energy: a device that transforms one type ... pickup is actually very simple.Shown in the gray is the permanent magnet, once again, according to Encarta online "(a) Permanent magnet, remaining magnetic: a magnet that retains its properties after ...

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Capital Punishment

s convicted of murdering a child then they should be put to death. Capital Punishment is defined by Encarta as, "the legal infliction of death as a penalty for violating criminal law." Methods of exec ... nishment is typically accomplished by lethal gas or injection, electrocution, hanging, or shooting. Encarta cites that, on average 75 executions occur each year throughout the United States. Out of 50 ...

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Death Penalty

g a child, then they should be put to death ( Capital Punishment is defined by Encarta as, "the legal infliction of death as a penalty for violating criminal law,"(Encarta "Death ... nishment is typically accomplished by lethal gas or injection, electrocution, hanging, or shooting. Encarta cites that, on average seventy-five executions occur each year throughout the United States ...

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The Scarlet Letter.

ned powerful symbolic and psychological aspects of "the effects of pride, guilt, sin, and secrecy" (Encarta, 1997).Although many moral lessons are dealt with in the book, the most significant thesis H ...

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Picasso is considered the most famous artist of the 20th Century.

the most famous artist of the 20th Century. Picasso was born on October 25, 1881, in Malaga, Spain (Encarta). When he was young his family moved to Barcelona (World Book Encyclopedia,448).As the son o ... ater and settled in 1904. He was very poor, but his studio became a meeting place for many artists (Encarta). Picasso had his first exhibition at the Cafe Quatre Gats in Barcelona. He studied at the R ...

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