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of the wall. These openings also permitted stones or boiling water to be thrown down on the enemy. (Encyclopedia Americana, p.790). Towers were built along castle walls at regular intervals to strengt ... Although oiled paper shut out some of the drafts, shutters were the usual way of shutting windows. (Encyclopedia Americana, p.791)The castle hall was usually the single largest room in the castle. In ...

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This essay describes the aftermath of the Cold War and competition that uprose between the USSR and the US, especially in the areas of the arms race, technology, and the space programs

ted from 1945 to 1990. The struggle had political, ideological, military, and economic dimensions" (Encyclopedia Americana, "The Cold War"). The Cold War was a war that beared no arms. It was strictly ...

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History of Early Castles. This essay describes the purposes of medevil castles.

cDonald, Fiona. A Medieval Castle. New York, New York: Peter Bedrick Books, 1990.3.) "Castles." The Encyclopedia Americana. 1994 Edition.

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r en el rio Genil cercano las montañas Sierra Nevada. La ciudad es 225 millas sur de Madrid (Encyclopedia Americana, 159). La provincia tiene un area de 4,838 millas cuadradas, y un populacion ... avids de Norte África se guiyó hasta 1149. Los Almoravids construido muchos palacios (Encyclopedia Americana, 160). El más famoso de los palacios es la Alhambra. La construi&oacut ...

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The Huguenots: Refugees in the Hudson River Valley.

orians say the word is derived from the German term, Eidgenossen, meaning "confederates". (Colliers Encyclopedia) Others say the term is an extension of the name of Bezanson Hugues, a leader of the Ge ... an extension of the name of Bezanson Hugues, a leader of the Geneva confederates, or Eidgenossen. (Encyclopedia Americana) The word could also refer to Hugues Capet, founder of the French royal house ...

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Carbon Dioxide: Is It Necessary

d two atoms of oxygen. Carbon dioxide is also the source of almost all carbon used by living things(Encyclopedia Americana, Volume 5, 1992).Carbon dioxide along with water is used as a raw material to ... cose and starch in a complex chemical process called photosynthesis, the plants food making process(Encyclopedia Americana, Vol.17, 1993). Carbohydrate molecules that are not immediately used can be s ...

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Aleksandr solzhenitsyn russian dissident

ksandr (pronounced Alexander) was born in Kisovodsk, Russia on December 11, 1918 (Academic American Encyclopedia Sno-Sz, p 59). His father was an artillery officer in World War I, and his mother was a ... e graduated, he served as a captain of artillery in World War II from 1941 through 1945 (World Book Encyclopedia So-Sz, p 587). While he was serving, he was falsely accused of writing antistalinistic ...

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Edward vii

st noted for his fiction pieces, known as Hector Hugh Munro. Saki is his pen name ( Comptons Online Encyclopedia). His typical stories are marked by amoral reversal revenge on the pretentious cruel pr ... moral reversal revenge on the pretentious cruel practical jokes, and uncary supernatural incidents (Encyclopedia of Knowledge). Evidence from research has proven to show that Edward VII's political pr ...

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The Evolution Of Rock N Roll

k music is defined as: "a form of popular music characterized by a pronounced and amplified beat." (Encyclopedia Americana 596) Rock-n-roll was a natural result of the combined forces of music that wa ... n Freed in the mid 1950's to replace the phrase "rhythm-n-blues". Freed thought it was too racist. (Encyclopedia Americana 596) Rock is characterized as being simple, repetitive, and easy to remember. ...

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Johnson - Jeffries Fight         Jack Johnson began his life in

w money at the winners (, pg.1). He soon earned himself the name "Little Artha (Encyclopedia Americana, pg.129)." Johnson began touring with black fighters winning nearly all his m ...

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1861, these seven southern states made there own government called the Confederacy ("Andersonville" Encyclopedia Americana). "The chief and immediate cause of the war was slavery" ("Andersonville" Enc ... se prisoners. At the height of the prison, an average of 150 prisoners died per day ("Andersonville"Encyclopedia Americana). Between the 27th of February, 1864 and the 20th of October, 1864 10,982 die ...

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sistance and faster reproduction with bigger results by adding growth hormone genes into fish eggs (Encyclopedia Americana, 2008). Refer to Figure 2: Naturally occurring (left) and growth hormone gene ... .After, the species are placed in their selected environment; the organisms are farmed or produced (Encyclopedia Americana, 2008). Farmers have to decide on the method of cultivating the organism, suc ...

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ssages into covert form and accrediting them and "cryptanalysis" which is solving secret messages. (Encyclopedia Americana 275) In all ages, "cryptography" has been used in "diplomacy", "espionage' an ... rent than their real meaning whereas ciphers, use methods of modifying plaintext into cipher text. (Encyclopedia Americana, 275) Ciphers are separated in "monoalphabetic ciphers" and "polyalphabetic c ...

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