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The Hippopotamus: Endangered Species Report

The Hippopotamus: Endangered Species ReportThe ban on elephant ivory trading has slowed down the poaching of elephants ... s are petitioning advocacy groups, including lastweek's annual Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in Florida,for a ban on hippo poaching. But they say they're a long way from putt ...

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The Koala

of koala fur. Well, sadly enough, too many people are makingmillions on koalas. That's why they're endangered species.Habitat The koala is distributed along the eastern coastal semi-tropicalfo ... introduced to the koala population, but the virus is still going around (chylamydia psittaci is an endangered virus.) The koala population is also still falling due to destroyed habitats. The develop ...

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3 Gorges Dam Opinion Essay Against building it

ped and should no longer be built. It will greatly destroy theenvironment and effect the people and endangered species in the area. It has already killedsome of the people constructing it. Why go furt ... costs, people and animals will have to be re-located to anew area, meaning new homes and new jobs. Endangered species will have to adapt totheir new environment and people will have to go to the trou ...

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Canada's Endangered Species

the elements because of the nature of theland. Despite the extreme weather, Grassland harbors many endangered species.One of these species is the swift fox. Trying to save the fox has been the focus ... he Canadian government is the major problem."We are in this mess because Canada doesn't have strong endangered species laws," says Clio Smeeton, president of Cochrane Ecological Institute, theprimary ...

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Management techniques for the red-cocked woodpecker

ANDSSean FraserNRM 304ABSTRACTThe red-cockaded woodpecker (Picoides borealis) has been listed as an endangered species since October, 1970. This species inhabits pine forests in the southeastern Unite ... ation System, cavity trees, cavity restrictorsThe red-cockaded woodpecker (Picoides borealis) is an endangered species that inhabits pine forests in an historical range from Texas to the Atlantic coas ...

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Manatees are listed as endangered species. A species is endangered when it is considered in danger of extinction . Many oth ... of extinction . Many other species are listed as threatened, which means they are likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future.Manatee habitat and the habitat of many other species in Florid ...

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"The American Alligator" its diet, mating habits, predators, and daily rituals.

s still living since the prehistoric time of the dinosaurs. Living in the wild this alligator is an endangered species. It has a wide range of food that it likes to eat. In addition has a unique way o ... rican Alligator mates when it comes out of hibernation and lays its eggs soon there after. It is an endangered species because of the human being.The American Alligator lives off eating fish and sting ...

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Brazilian Rainforest Deforestation, what it's effecting and how much longer it will be around

d have been attempting to raise awareness of the devastating results both to the environment and to endangered species.The Amazon rainforest is located along the Amazon River in Brazil (map, Appendix ... hirty percent of the world's biodiversity. (Rainforest Action Network, 1) Many of these species are endangered due to the massive deforestation of the rainforest. Much of it is being cut down, burned, ...

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White tiger, is it really endangered?

gles of Malaya and Indonesia, and west to the hot hardwood forests of India. The Bengal tiger is an endangered species. White Bengal tigers are Bengal tiger; therefore the white tiger is too. A white ... tigers instead of less. So the real meaning of this research paper is to find out, are they really endangered?"One of the reasons that white cubs are rare in the wild is that the color places them at ...

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"The Asiatic Cheetah classifies as a critically endangered species due to an estimated population of less than 50 mature individuals." In the last c ... ll these areas, except for east, central, and South Africa. We need to start to think about all the endangered species and make an effort to try and protect them immediately and try to save and grown ... y to save and grown the small population of Cheetahs that still remain alive. ("Specie Profile" have their own habitat and range. Cheetahs adapted to the dry habitats ...

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Strengths and weaknesses of aversion therapy

oat. This protects the patients diet from becoming aversive.*Flavor aversion can be used to protect endangered species. For examples. In America conditioned flavour aversions are used against predator ... ions are used against predators such as snakes, foxes and hawks to stop them destroying the eggs of endangered species such as the burrel owlWeaknesses*There are doubts about the long-term effectivene ...

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Wolf Management in Wisconsin

today and the futureThe gray wolf returned to Wisconsin in the mid-1970s and was listed as a state endangered species in 1975. A state recovery plan, initiated in 1989, set a goal for reclassifying t ... in 1975. A state recovery plan, initiated in 1989, set a goal for reclassifying the wolf from state endangered to threaten once the population remained at 80 or more wolves for 3 consecutive years. By ...

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Endangered Species Act Bibliography

WORKS CITEDBrook, Amara. "Endangered species listings may backfire" ... tp:// (June 2, 2004)"Bald Eagle to Leave Endangered List.",2933,120055,00.html (May 29, 2004)Braun, Dav ... (June 2, 2004)"Bush OKs Drilling on Endangered Sea Turtle Beach" (May 28, 2 ...

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Information on the best known marsupials - the koala and the kangaroo

octurnal animals, meaning they are active at night.Unfortunatley the Koala is becoming an even more endangered species. Although they are now protected by law, they are often killed by cars, and for t ...

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Shark Attack

Western Australia, it would be a grave mistake to believe that simply destroying a magnificent and endangered creature of the deep will do anything to provide comfort to his grieving family or protec ... ry and revengeful? This would just lead to anarchy in our society. We ourselves set the boundary of endangered species being protected, what a brilliant piece of foresight and intelligence we showed t ...

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A journal entry on 5 different issues all to do with pollution/animal endangerment recieved 89% in May 10th/2005

ediately absorbs it. Seaweed is the main food of numerous sea creatures including the sea otter, an endangered species. The endangerment of animals should also be stopped for example The Javan rhinoce ...

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Clone Yourself

everyday life and more importantly, the future.By being able to clone living organisms, we can help endangered species such as tigers and many other nearly extinct animals from being wiped from the fa ...

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The Pros and Cons of Cloning

and create new improved food such as "super rice". Cloning will also provide a new way to preserve endangered species, such as gaur. This would save millions of lives, and improve the way we eat, and ... ts in the United States and China (Dennis T. Avery).Cloning also provides a new way to preserve endangered species. Cloning could even in some cases resurrect recently extinct species. Preserving ...

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What is a documentary and what is its purpose?

ind is that I'm going to learn something about a specific topic. It might be a documentary about an endangered species or fast food or the American soldiers of World War 2. Whatever the topic is, it i ... ial action. Dr. Martin Plotkin informed us in his documentary that the tribes of the rainforest are endangered. He showed images of the mass clearing and said that most jungle medicines are better tha ...

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Is Cloning Moral?

and certainly beneficial to many. Firstly, cloning could be used to help regenerate populations of endangered species. Secondly, the cloning of transgenic animals in order to harvest transplantable o ... grows larger it seems inevitable that we destroy more and more natural habitats thus creating more endangered species. "Cloning populations of these endangered species has an important place in plans ...

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