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Blood lactate and training to improve threshold

to the central circulation of the blood, and within seconds it is made available to that muscle for energy. Therefore, 75% of the lactate produced from high intensity exercise is made available for en ... ilable for energy production in type II muscle fibers. The remaining 25% of lactic acid is used for energy in the heart, the make up of liver glycogen, and the supply of energy to inactive muscles. A ...

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okay excellentMitochondria are responsible for energy production. They are also the responsible location for which respiration takes place. Mitocho ... nvert food material into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which can be used directly by the cell as an energy source. Mitochondria tend to be concentrated near cellular structures that require large inpu ... es a decarboxylation step which removes one of the three carbons of pyruvate as carbon dioxide. The energy released by the oxidation of pyruvate at this stage is used to reduce NAD to NADH. (185)The C ...

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Air pollution (acid rain, common pollutants, indoor/outdoor air pollution) and its effects on the environment

in perilous ways. Some of its major sources are automobile engines, industrial practices, heat and energy production, and the burning of solid waste. When inhaled, air pollutants affect the respirato ... and hydrocarbons or, photochemically reactive organic compounds, react with light (NOx + SOx + sun energy ozone). It forms directly in the atmosphere. It is a faint, bluish gas with a penetrating odo ...

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Air pollution

ution?). "Some main sources of air pollution are automobile engines, industrial practices, heat and energy production, and the burning of solid waste. The primary air pollutants found in most urban ar ... humankind's carbon dioxide emissions. The burning of oil, natural gas and coal produces most of the energy used to produce electricity, heat houses, run automobiles and power factories" (Air Pollution ...

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Maximizing Body Building Efficiency with Creatine

al formula: C4H11N3O3*H2O) that is naturally produced in liver, pancreas and kidney, which supplies energy to muscles. Creatine is also obtained orally by eating such foods like red meat, milk, fish, ... nt of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, usage of creatine has increased, because if creatine increases energy production, then it decreases muscle weakness or fatigue.How does Creatine work?To supply ene ...

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Energy issues in a growing china - a bottleneck for further economic growth ?

agnate the economic development. In this report, the student will look at what issues the impending energy shortage china faces might mean to further development. How is the situation, what challenges ... a faces might mean to further development. How is the situation, what challenges does china face in energy production and consumption, and what might happen if these demands are not met?This student w ...

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International conference on Acid Percipitation

affects of coal pollution and acid rain). The Vistanians agreed to fund construction of alternative energy sources in Bitumina in exchange for our cutting back on coal usage by 20% then went on to off ... ncluded us lessening our coal usage by 15%, but we needed the Gargantuains to provide us with extra energy that we would be loosing by using their coastline wind power, and lastly we requested that ou ...

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SPORTING PERFORMANCE"SPORT : BASKETBALL1. Describe the chain of events in the production and use o energy when competing in your chosen sport.Physiologically basketball requires energy from both the ... in your chosen sport.Physiologically basketball requires energy from both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. This combination of energy requirements is often referred to as an integration of en ...

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Solution for National Water Issues.

n, expanding current resources in order for the earth to continue to provide sustenance, increasing energy production and efficiency, increasing food supply through agriculture ingenuity, stabilizing ... for the bill to pass and education on overpopulation for families.Expanding Resources and Increased Energy Production and EfficiencyAs the Earth becomes more populated, the natural and man-made resour ...

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Mitigation Strategies and Solutions Human Population

tant environmental issues such as atmospheric pollution, water resources, terrestrial resources and energy conservation. Therefore, in order to fix one problem after another, the root of these problem ... are staggering because as the population increases, the problems of food production, water supply, energy production, and environmental destruction become more prominent.Contributing FactorsNegative ...

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Nanotechnology, A Revolutionary Undertaking

ny fronts. (see photo 1) These fronts include the creation of materials, medicine, electronics, and energy production. With nanotechnology, tiny devices can be created with single molecules or atoms ... can be created and done on a scale so tiny. It can be used to diagnose and treat diseases, improve energy efficiency, create smaller and more powerful computers, and possibly even greater things in t ...

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Synopses of JP Morgan Chase

orking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today" (JP Morgan Chase, 2010, p. 1). The frequent use of energy from daily activities supplied and demanded for basic human consumption as well as energy pro ... aware of the environmental effects of greenhouse gases, JP is dedicated to investing in alternative energy solutions. "We believe we cannot accomplish significant reductions alone; we need the support ...

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Small Wind Energy - Alternative Energy Solutions

Small Wind EnergyAs the world continues to grow, in terms of population and commerce, it is important to recogn ... s within our planet. Rising population leads to increased consumerism, which is highly dependent on energy use. It is important to recognize existing limits on fossil fuels and curtail the use of such ... mits on fossil fuels and curtail the use of such types of fuel with the use of alternative forms of energy. Although these alternative energies have a lower Energy Return on Energy Investment (ERoEI) ...

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Energy: Under the Lights

Energy: Under the LightsPart 1Powering up a laptop, plugging in a cell phone, driving to work, and t ... do everyday. However, the repercussions of these seemingly trivial actions are lost on most of us. Energy in America is severely used and abused. The two biggest problems the citizen ignorance of ene ... problems the citizen ignorance of energy issues cause are terrible pollution and outrageous lack of energy conservation. The citizens of the USA use energy as if it is a renewable resource, which it i ...

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