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Critically assess the effectiveness of the criminal law as a means of protecting the environment from pollution.

The main function of the criminal law, as a means of protecting the environment, is to reach impartial decisions based on the merits of each case. Environmental law is ... ces are, on the whole, inchoate offences and there is no need to prove damage to, or even with, the environment.The criminal law has been used either to grant direct criminal punishment for environmen ... hole objective of criminal law is to punish clearly identified wrongs, but in reference to a lot of environmental matters, it is sometimes impossible to identify the wrong without knowledge of other r ...

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The water company and how the framework provided by UK water industry affects it

ur decisions independently of the Government, but we work closely with:- the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Welsh Assembly Government;- the Consumer Council for Wat ... nts;- the Drinking Water Inspectorate, which sets standards for the quality of drinking water;- the Environment Agency, which regulates and enforces water abstraction consents and quality standards in ...

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Somerset Levels 2014

ere's a lack of dredging caused by flooding.What are the effects of flooding? SocialEconomicalEnvironmental600 homes were affected.Financial cost to repair Somerset was £10 million. ... ments, raising main roads, installing permanent pumps, building flood protection barrage). > The environment agency installed giant pumps to lower the water levels. > Embankment were put in plac ...

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