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Case, Environmental Law: Nollan versus the California Coastal Commission

Environmental LawNollan vs. CCCAbstract of:483 U.S. 825, 97 L. Ed.2d 677James Patrick Nollan, et ux. ...

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Green laws boost clean-up industry

r is planet earth just in for a spring cleaning? It is hard to say - but one thing is for sure; the environmental sector is en-joying a boom. The market for pollution control technology is on a steep ... own their names for an immense part of the expansion. But what is the precise nature of this sudden environmental con-cern? After all the deteriorating state of the environment is hardly a novel pheno ...

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The Evolving Brownfield Situation

ndustrial and commercial sites where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination that can add cost, time and uncertainty to a redevelopment process. Thro ... se vacant properties exist in our cities serving no productive purpose and act as both eyesores and environmental and economic pitfalls.Our inner-cities, where most brownfields exist, were once the on ...

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Critically assess the effectiveness of the criminal law as a means of protecting the environment from pollution.

ns of protecting the environment, is to reach impartial decisions based on the merits of each case. Environmental law is primarily concerned with human activity and the principal method which is used ... with, the environment.The criminal law has been used either to grant direct criminal punishment for environmental harm, or in a supplementary role within a regulatory system. However, it seems to be m ...

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The polluter pays principle and its implementation in the UK and EC law

ENVIRONMENTAL LAWENVIRONMENTAL LAW- ESSAYDiscuss the following principle and its application within ... nThe polluter pays principle can be identified as one of the most significant principles that guide Environmental Law. Although it is complicated and sometimes diverse, it appears to be a main require ... centuries as one may say. But currently it is relevant as a principle of the latest developments of environmental law, mostly related to the European Community Law.It was the OECD which suggested the ...

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By the Lake of Sleeping Children

ge corporations are there for a profit and Tijuana residents will continue to suffer under terrible environmental devastation. Urrea tells about the dompe, an area in Tijuana known for its deplorable ... his be achieved when large Multi-national Corporation?s move is to focus exclusively on profit over environmental well-being. In my opinion the implementation of NAFTA will cause more harm to these gr ...

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