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EPA Superfund Sites

ics 1). The company however, disolved in 1993, after failuing to comply with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Dunham Industrial 1). The Escambia Treating company was estab ... al years the EPA finally shut Escambia Treating Co. down when the owners were unable to comply with environmental regulationsBrantley 3(Dunham Cleanup 1). With the implementation of new regulations by ...

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The EPA - Can It / Will it Save Our Environment?

factsPollution of our environment is an issue that concerns each andevery one of us. 'The threat of environmental degradation now loomsgreater than the threat of nuclear war.' Patrick Henry said, 'I k ... s 'a study of home.'' It meansdiscovering what damage man has done, then finding ways to fix it.The EnvironmentalProtection Agency is trying to fix our home, the planet Earth.Destruction of forests, l ...

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Death of a Planet

ution is a very big problem in the United States. A large part of air pollutioncomes from cars. The Environmental Protection Agency says, 'The most polluting activity anaverage person does everyday is ... of cigarettes a day (97Brown). Over 150 million people in the United States live in areas where the EnvironmentalProtection Agency considers the air to be unhealthy. The American Lung Association says ...

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It is called Global Hoax? A realistic view of global warming.

the environment itself been the cause and the environment itself the solution?According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the United States produces approximately 6.6 tons (almost 15,000 p ...

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My Term Paper is on " The shortcomings of the EPA under Anne (Burford) Gorsuch". It's about hazardous waste. My introduction is strong and includes my thesis.

Anne (Burford) Gorsuch.Research is continually reaffirming the need for a strong, aggressive Environmental Protection Agency ("poison" 7). The average American's exposure to toxic chemicals is ... exactly what created these toxic dumps in the first place.The EPA has even managed to harm the environmentally conscious industries that have built or set up alternative forms of toxic waste disp ...

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Dredging the Hudson River

weight, reduced ability to fight infections and learning problems in humans. In August of 2001, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to remove over one hundred thousand pounds of PCBs from a 40 ... en accumulating in fish and in the sediment at the bottom of the Hudson. This seems to be a serious environmental issue in the states of New York and New Jersey, especially in the areas directly on th ...

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Bottled Water.

l study conducted in 1999, which a full one third of the 103 brands tested were in violation of the Environmental Protection Agency's water quality standards (AWWA 1).This is in contradiction to what ... still safe to drink, just so the masses wouldn't panic, that the tested water still wasn't against Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines (1).Regardless of the possibility that these violations ...

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Green Computing.

Green ComputingGreen Computing reduces the environmental waste and electricity involved while using a computer. In becoming aware of the waste ... e problem is Energy Star, developed by the United States Department of Energy and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This program encourages manufacturers to create devices that use li ...

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The Conflict Perspective in Sociology

The conflict perspective is very apparent in modern day issues affecting the environment. Environmental groups, both government and non-government based like The Sierra Club and the EPA (Env ... l industries. The industries want their right to manufacture products from natural resources, while environmental groups want to protect and preserve these limited natural resources. For example, cons ...

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Does the commonly used herbicide "2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid" cause destruction of aquatic organisms, especially the Brown Planarian?

es, pesticides, and fertilizers are the main point of water pollution. In the year of 1995 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reported that 37 percent of our country's lakes and estuaries, and ... cides have been developed. The manufactures of these herbicides claim that these herbicides have no environmental impact whatsoever. However doubts have been cast on these claims, anti-pesticide organ ...

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Corn Rootworm - Genetic Defects of Pesticides on Plants

overnment and the scientific advisory panel for several years until recently in March 2003 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has authorized Monsanto for commercial use of this transgenic plant ...

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Matrix of Interests Groups.

m Osteen, the U.S. District Court Judge, former lobbyist for the tobacco farmers, ruled that a 1993 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report was incorrect about second hand smoke. According to the ... report did not prove that second hand smoke put people at risk of getting lung cancer.Stated by the Environmental Protection Agency:Secondhand smoke is also known as Environmental Tobacco Smoke. Secon ...

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Effects of rising sea levels on costal areas

sea levels, catastrophes such as the Indian Ocean tsunami could become an everyday occurrence. The Environmental Protection Agency's response to this issue is to "relocate and rebuild," which could c ... operation. Residential emissions can be cut down by car pooling, saving electricity, and using more environmentally friendly materials. Corporate cooperation coupled with government regulation can als ...

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Letter to EPA about the Savannah Biome and why we need to protect it

Environmental Protection Agency,Human activities are creating more and more problems for different b ...

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Feasibility Analysis of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

dustry. The 1990 Clean Air Act has been the driving force in creating these changes, along with the Environmental Protection Agency's guide to the Clean Air Act (2002). The Environmental Protection Ag ... (pg.2, para.2). With greater judicial powers, the chances of significant fines being levied by the Environmental Protection Agency has greatly increased, and Lotus Rental Cars must make sure that our ...

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Supply, Demand, and the Demise of Clark Foam

don Clark, owner of Clark Foam, and the role played by various local, state, and federal government environmental agencies.In the early 1950s, Gordon Clark joined forces with Hobie Alter, designer of ... rials as the reason for closure. However, several government agencies cited by Clark, including the Environmental Protection Agency, were quick to point out that they were not responsible for the Clar ...

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ight-Ridder/Tribune News Service KANSAS CITY, Mo. _ A federal appeals court has ruled that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cannot seek penalties against a company for violating hazardous-wast ... enforce the hazardous-waste law known as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Satterlee said.Environmental leaders in Missouri raised concerns about the decision. ``This is a concern because of ...

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Hudson River

the late 1940's. These chemicals have traveled down stream polluting nearly190 miles of river. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designed a plan to dredge the river and has issued it to G ... ounding communities about the inconvenience and nuisance a dredging rig will be in their backyards. Environmentalists believe a little inconvenience to the communities is well worth the value of havin ...

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Acid Rain

ation that is slightly more acidic then what is natural within our atmosphere. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, "a more precise term is acid deposition, which has two parts ...

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Going Off To War While Addicted To Oil

rotect our country from terrorists. In the article, he use's some statistics provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. According to the EPA, studies show that the average mile per gallon ...

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