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Discuss equity principles of motivation. Give at least two (2) examples of how individuals might respond to under-compensation inequity. Course: Organizational Behavior

ernal forces that initiate a certain behavior and determine its intensity, direction, and duration. Equity theory bases its principles on the concept that individuals in the workplace will compare the ... the desire achieve equality and fairness. When the output/input ratio is viewed as comparable, the equity is perceived as attained and the equilibrium is found. However, when a worker perceives inequ ...

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Operational Motivation Plan. This paper attempts to define the role of the manager, the role of the organization and the specific incentive elements of the plan.

t have been tested and seem to hold up under close examination. Goal Setting, expectancy theory and equity theory are just three of the six theories that Robbins uses to illustrate the ways in which e ... hich employees can be motivated to perform in a way that exceeds their current level of acheivement.Equity TheoryEquity theory states that employees strive for equity between themselves and other work ...

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oups:-Content Theory : Those approaches concern the factors which motivate people.-Process Theory ( Equity Theory and Expectancy Theory ): emphasizes, not only on what people expect from their job, bu ...

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Drawing on both expectancy and equity theory, identify and discuss the main factors that are likely to influence the effectiveness of performance-related pay schemes in organisations.

ctive.Another major theory of motivation, which has effect on reward management, is J. Stacy Adam's equity theory. "Equity theory focuses on people's feelings of how fairly they have been treated in c ... salary levels, speed of promotion and recognition) to relative to those of others (Robbins, p.168). Equity theory based on exchange theory. People expect certain outcomes in exchange for certain input ...

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Explain the process of motivation?

inked.· Rewards need to be large enough, and the total system needs to be equitable.· Equity TheoryStacy Adams' Equity theory suggests that individuals compare their work inputs and outc ... ve received for their inputs".Felt inequities can be either negative or positive, a negative felt inequity occurs when individuals feel that their outcomes are less for the same inputs, or that outcom ...

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Motivational theories

on workers and administrative staff would best be motivated by Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory, Adams' Equity Theory, and Vroom's Expectancy Theory. We will explore how these theories work and how they c ... for the sales group could be used for the administrative group but the managers decide to us Adam's equity theory. Adams theory is that every worker seeks a fair balance between what they put into the ...

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Role of Money as a Motivator

of money as a motivator. The study will focus on hierarchy of needs theory, expectation theory and equity theory to explore the interaction between a person and the environment with money motivator i ... ing employee's level of needs, defining a healthy performance-reward system and paying attention to equity so as to draw a motivation plan accordingly in the real business environment in order to achi ...

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Is money often the Motivator?

cases? This Essay will explore to study using hierarchy of need theory, ERG theory, expectation and equity theory and how to bring it utilizing in real world more effective.1. Money as a motivator to ... ks for workers who appear to be interested in such work using money as motivator in properly way.4. Equity theory in explaining job satisfaction4.1 Equity TheoryEquity Theory asserts that workers comp ...

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Motivating Emloyees

he five most common theories are: Maslow's Theory, ERG Theory, Herzberg's Two Factor Theory, Adam's Equity Theory, and the Expectancy Theory. Each can boost employee response if used correctly.Motivat ... ll be discussing. These five are: Maslow's Theory, ERG Theory, Herzberg's Two Factor Theory, Adam's Equity Theory, and the Expectancy Theory. Although a few theories seem about the same, each one offe ...

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Improving performance in cleaning company: Sheenco

f employee motivation theories such as Need Theories of Motivation, Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory, Equity Theory, Expectancy Theory, Job Design theory, and so on. He describes the relevant motivation ... ries including needs of the employee, work environment, responsibilities, supervision, fairness and equity, effort, employee's development, and feedback.Druskat and Wolff (2001), in their paper - Buil ...

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"Equity Theory and Research: An Overview" by Elaine Hatfield

In the reading "Equity Theory and Research: An Overview" by Elaine Hatfield, she explains about the four proposition ... flict. The last proposition explains how these individuals try to relieve this distress and restore equity by rewarding themselves or each other in some way to make them feel better about their relati ... the first is by altering their own or their partners relative gains. They could re-establish actual equity by discovering if they are being mistreated or underpaid at work for example. Many things can ...

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Equity Theory

"Equity is a subjective evaluation, not an objective one. Based on the comparison that individuals us ... the comparison that individuals use, each individual is likely to develop different perceptions of equity." (Scholl, 2000) When individuals look at the equity model on the job scale, they compare the ... t of those around them (associates, coworkers, management, etc.). If the equation is balanced, the "equity"--as society puts it--is accomplished. If it is unbalanced, the inequity may cause individual ...

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Motivation Paper

aff in a chocolate factory, and how applying motivation theories like the Two-Factor theory and the Equity theory could effectively motivate him or her towards better performance, and product quality. ... enefits of their jobs to other's benefits (, n.d.). Adams explains that perceived inequity occurs when employees think that the work they completed is not rewarded to the same level as ...

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Organisational Behaviour - Hertzberg 2 Factor Theory

are Maslow's need-hierarchy theory, Herzberg's two-factor theory, Vroom's expectancy theory, Adams' equity theory, and Skinner's reinforcement theory.In this essay, the focus would be at Hertzberg's t ...

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Describe one process theory of motivation- why is it a process theory? What are the features and how does it apply to the workplace?

idual's cognitive processes in determining his or her level of motivation.One major process theory, equity theory, assumes that one important cognitive process involves people looking around and obser ... s can also compare their effort-reward ratio to one that they experienced at another point in time. Equity theorists assume that this social comparison process is driven by our concern with fairness o ...

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Organizational issues and solution for TRG

estructuring the Organizational Design, in the report problems are discussed in detail supported by equity theory and Bureaucratic model. It is suggested that TRG should improve the reward system, del ... promotion which she had not got.Diagram 2 Maslow's Hierarchy of NeedsAccording to J. Stacey Adam's Equity Theory, a fair or equitable situation is one in which people with similar inputs experience s ...

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Power and Politics

llowing that, there are 5 different theories, Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, EGR, Two-factory Theory, Equity Theory and Expectancy Theory. Between these 5 theories we will choose which one will be most ... y makes people dissatisfied but that paying them more does not necessarily satisfy or motivate them.Equity Theory (Adams)"Adam's equity theory posits that people will act to eliminate any felt inequit ...

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Industrial Psychology Case Study

anding worker and started to slack in performance. The other theory that fits well with this is the Equity theory, but it focuses less on the goal, which seemed to be the motivating factor. However it ... e on the relative decrease in effort as a result of Coleman's promotion, which created a sense of inequity by Simpson. Therefore these both are a good model for describing the motivation and behavior ...

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Internal Marketing - Motivating personnel leads to higher company performance

erally divided as 1) content theory such as Maslow's needs hierarchy; and 2) process theory such as equity theory and expectancy theory.These theories help us to find out how to induce the human behav ...

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Ethical Issues in Human Resource Management

der, 1999).Among the many challenges raised in reward and compensation, none is more prevalent than equity - the extent to which employees are compensated fairly. The simplest expression of the equili ... . The simplest expression of the equilibrium that needs to be established to constitute fairness is equity theory (Adams, 1965). Equity theory says that people evaluate the ratio of what they are gett ...

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