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Determination of Zinc and Nickel Concentration by (1) Ion-Exchange Chromatography Followed by Chelometric Titration, and by (2) Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy of the Mixture

o three aliquots, and approximately five mL of pH 10 buffer were added to each beaker. Two drops of Eriochrome Black T indicator were added to each sample. Each was titrated against standardized EDTA ...

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Water Quality Investigation

d EDTA, which is short for, ethelynediamine tetraacetic acid. The first method is a titration using Eriochrome Black T as indicator determines total hardness due to the calcium and magnesium ions. The ... t what is wanted. This is because if the solution doesn't stay at a stable pH of 10, the indicator, Eriochrome Black T, won't change colour, from red to blue. However, this is only necessary in the fi ...

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