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This is a chemistry lab report on an Acid-Base Titration experiment.

ective and less time consuming than swirling the beaker. This solution was then poured into a 250ml Erlenmeyer's flask and a magnetic stir bar and several drops of phenolphthalein indicator were added ...

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Acid base Extraction

lve 3.05g Phenol Mixture was a golden-Neutral acid in 30ml brown/yellow colort-butyl methyl ether inErlenmeyer flask and transfermixture to 125ml separatoryfunnel using little ether tocomplete the tra ... the funnelAllow layers to separate Layer = H2O +NaHCO3completely and draw offlower layer into 50ml Erlenmeyerflask 1Add 10ml of 1.5 aqueous NaOH Flask 2 = H2O + NaHCO3(5ml of 3M and 5ml H2O) tosepara ...

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What happens to sodium thiosulphate when it is added to hydrochloric acid? How does the concentration effect the amount of sulphar produced?

takes place get rid of the mixture as soon as it goes cloudy. A cross must be drawn and the conical flask put on top. The higher the concentration of thiosulphate the quiker the reaction becuase there ... les to react.The different concentrations of thiosulphate must be poored separetly into the conical flask containing 15cm3 of hydrochloric acid. When the mixture goes cloudy the raction stops. A stop ...

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Effect of tempreature on sodium thiosulphate

this reaction occurs by drawing a cross and placing the reacting mixture over it in a clear conical flask. We then observe the time it takes for the cross to disappear (due to the formation of sulphur ... tte/ pipette/ measuring cylinder (I used all three)·Sodium Thiosulphate·Clear conical flask·Piece of paper with a cross drawn on in inkMethod1.Wear goggles at all times.2.Draw a c ...

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An experiment to look at the effect of 1 factor on an enzyme

will decompose by itself.ApparatusFor my experiment I will need the following apparatus:"h Conical flask with side on delivery outlet"h Tight fitting bung for the conical flask"h Delivery tube"h Gas- ... llows ¡V"h Set up the apparatus as shown in the diagram"h Put 10 cm3 of H2O2 into the conical flask and allow it to heat to 20"aC."h Add a 3cm long potato tube from the cork borer, ensuring that ...

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Investigation: How does channging the concentration of a substance affect the rate of reaction?

ing the following equipment and setting the equipment up as shown in the diagram.1. Conical Flask2. Gas Syringe3. Rubber plug4. Stop Clock5. Top Pan Balance6. ... em in getting the calcium carbonate into the acid and placing the rubber bung on top of the conical flask before any gas is released. However I have decided to tip the calcium carbonate powder into th ...

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DURE/APPARATUS: The equipments used were a 18 x 150 mm test tube with stopper, graduated cylinders, Erlenmeyer flask, mortar and pestle, metric ruler, tall jar, acetone, tiny test tube, small brown bo ...

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Establishing the concentration of a limewater solution

e apparatus, equipment and chemicals that I will use are as follows: -1) Pipette 25cm32) Volumetric flask 500cm33) Conical flask 250cm34) Burette5) White tile6) Clamp and stand7) Indicator (methyl ora ... essary to choose accurate and reliable equipment. That is why I have chosen the pipette, volumetric flask and burette. All of these instruments have an accuracy of ±0.05cm3, which is suitable f ...

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Chemistry Coursework

g cylinder to measure out the water and the Acid.3. Put one of the solutions into a conical flask and then the put the flask onto the tile.4. Pour the other solution into the beaker wh ... kers- 250ml and 100 ml· Measuring cylinders- 100ml and 10 ml· Conical flask- 250ml and 100ml· Tile with a cross on it· stop clockPreliminary ...

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Analysis of Commercial Vitamin C Tablets. (Ascorbic acid content in one tablet)

cess for mistakes.Apparatus:Weighing bottle, electronic scale, beaker, glass rod, 250cm3 volumetric flask, filter funnel, dropper, pipette, white tile, conical flasks, measuring cylindersProcedure:Pre ... tassium iodate(v) was weighed and was made up to a 250 cm3 solution by adding water in a volumetric flask.Standardization of Sodium Thiosulphate solution2. Apparatus for titration was set up.3. Burett ...

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The effects of change in concentration on the rate of reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid.

decided on using the following apparatus:x1 stopwatchx1 thermometerx2 measuring cylindersx1 conical flaskx1 beakerx1 X boardx1 pair of gogglesx1 apron240cm3 of hydrochloric acid900cm3 of sodium thiosu ... . The first solution then, will compromise 10cm3 of 40g/dm3 sodium thiosulphate, which in a conical flask, and then 100cm3 of water will be added to complete the solution. 10cm3 of dilute hydrochloric ...

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Isolation of organic compounds from mixtures by solvent extraction.

liquids separated into clear layers and the lower layer (dichloromethane layer) was tapped into an Erlenmeyer flask. The aqueous layer was placed into a 400 ml beaker. The dichloromethane was placed ... aking it with25ml portions of dichloromethane. The organic extracts were collected in a pre-weighed Erlenmeyer flask and evaporated on the steam bath. The mass of Benzoic acid produced was determined. ...

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To determine the % by mass of manganese (IV) oxide in a solid sample. ( By Titration )

eionised water.2. 25cm3 of sodium thiosulphate solution was pipetted out and pour into a volumetric flask.3. Deionised water was added to the graduation mark.Part A1. Diluted sodium thiosulphate solut ... to the burette.2. 25cm3 of standard 0.027M iodine solution was pipetted out and pour into a conical flask.3. The iodine solution was titrated with sodium thiosulphate solution until it became pale yel ...

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Analysis of the mass of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) in an Aspirin Tablet.

gently to let the sodium carbonate to dissolve.4. The solution was poured into a 250cm3 volumetric flask.5. The beaker was washed out with further small quantities of water.6. All the washings were p ... t with further small quantities of water.6. All the washings were poured into the 250cm3 volumetric flask to ensure no solution was left on the wall of the beaker.7. Water was added into the conical f ...

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ermine the melting point of the crystals formed3. To purify a solid by recrystalisation.Apparatus:- Erlenmeyer flask- Filter paper- Short-stemmed funnel- Buchner funnelMaterial:- Benzoic acid- Charcoa ... ic acid- Charcoal- Boiling chipsProcedure:About 2.0g of crude benzoic acid was weighed into a 250mL Erlenmeyer flask.100 - 200mL of water with boiling chips were heated to boiling in a beaker on a hot ...

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The Chemistry of Copper: AP Chemistry Lab Report

of a series of reactions involving copper.Procedure1.Measure about 1g of solid copper.2.Place Cu in Erlenmeyer flask and place flask underfume hood.3.Add dropwise 15M HNO3 until solid copper is comple ...

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The aim of the experiment is to determine the percentage of aspirin in different commercial preparations (Aspirin & Magnyl) and to find out which is the best value for money.

H4-COONa + H2O:*Aspirin and Magnyl tablets.*NaOH*Phenolphthalein*95 % ethanol*Digital scale*Conical flask*Graduated cylinder*Beaker*Clamp*Magnate stirrer*Funnel*Pipette*Burette*Pestle & MortarProc ... eigh out accurately one Aspirin or Magnyl tablet.2)Grind the tablet and put it into a 50cm3 conical flask and dissolve it in 10cm3 of 95% ethanol.3)Titrate this solution with 0.1 mol dm-3 sodium hydro ...

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Aldol Synthesis of Dibenzalacetone

ools down, so I was sure that the solvent used was not too much. The crystal was also wasted in the Erlenmeyer flask and some on the filter paper used to dry it.IR analysisThe IR result from this expe ...

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Titration Lab Discussion

volume of burette limited the amount of trial that were attempted and it needed to be refilled. The Erlenmeyer flask resisted the splashing of the solution outside the flask which would have been occu ... lf drop is enough to reach the endpoint, so u might be told to wash off a drop of solution into the Erlenmeyer flask using distilled water.9. Addition of several millilitres of distilled water to the ...

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Testing for Macromolecules

ervations were recorded.8. The samples reacted with chemicals were disposed in the special disposal Erlenmeyer flask provided by the teacher. Samples were recollected as stated in the first procedure. ...

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