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A Discussion of Antimatter.

ved that light is in the form of a packet, which he called a quantum for the wave/particle duality. Erwin Schrodinger and Werner Heisenberg continued experimenting in the 1920's with the wave/particle ...

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Schrodingers Cat

nna's 3rd district, Edberg. Both side of the family share a strong interest in the natural sciencs. Erwin's father, owner of an oil cloth factory, is particularly interested in botany, which he pursus ... publications. His preference and skill in giving information in this way was found in his grandson, Erwin Schrödinger. (Biography)Schrödinger spends a sheltered childhood and receives instru ...

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Quantum Physics: What do we really know?

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Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, Erwin Schrodinger And Quantum Physics

Both Erwin Schrodinger and Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac were physicists. They separately worked to develop e ... quantum mechanics. Together, Schrodinger and Dirac shared the 1933 Nobel Prize for physics. Erwin Schrodinger was born in 1887 in Vienna. He served as a professor of theoretical physics in sev ...

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