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The main cause of the French Revolution

s and serfs.Consequently, to try to ensure their happiness (and prevent the Revolution), he had the Estates-General abolish the feudal system, in which they held no ranking.4 This made the nobilityext ... en a goodidea. To make things even more equal and just, the commoners had one of the three votes hisEstates-General. This meant fair representation, but it also meant that the nobles were upset withth ...

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French Revolution By: Tan Ly

st, or grievance, of the Third Estate was their claim that aristocrats were plotting to destroy the Estates-General. The Third Estate used this as a reason to pursue war against the rich. Most First a ... upset about different issues, revolution would be hard to avoid.How did the voting conflict in the Estates-General lead to the French Revolution? When the Estates-General opened on May 5, 1789, it wa ...

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?Revolutions Occur When Governments are Weak.? Discuss in Terms of the Russian Revolution and One Other.

an Revolution and the adoption of the poor economic policies of ?mercantilism?. ?In 1789 the French Estates-General, the calling of which precipitated the revolution, was made unavoidable by bad finan ... ed that concessions would be necessary order for him to retain any power so in 1789 he convened the Estates-General. Despite the determination of the regime to relinquish a minimal amount of power the ...

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Origions Of The French Revolution

ched its climax in 1788 when the king, unable to secure fiscal reform or further loans summoned the Estates-General. This body had not met for one hundred and seventy five years and had the traditiona ... celebrated lists of grievances drawn up by the assemblies summoned to elect representatives to the Estates-General in 1789.a further indication of the degree to which the philosophes struck a chord w ...

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Is Frances "The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens," more democratic, or liberal? In the classical sense.

n. The declaration passed when King Louis XVI called together, for the first time in 170 years, the Estates-General because of a financial crisis. The Estates-General included members from the church, ...

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Causes Of French Revolution

in trouble. The Parliament of Paris refused to agree to the new tax and they too said that only the Estates-General could pass such a tax. Things were desperate depression and famine had set in after ... were riots and the country was becoming impossible to run. Louis had no choice but to call upon the Estates-General, which had not met since 1614. This was convocation representing all three estates. ...

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French Revolution: Issue One

l discontent that was fermenting at the time of the political crisis, and made manifest through the Estates-General.Prior to the collapse of the Old Order, social discontent was a prominent feature wi ... e Government was unable to pass a necessary and workable plan to effect this. So they called for an Estates-General to resolve this issue, but through the inability of the King and his Government to r ...

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