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Fuels for the Future

d's dependence on petroleum and this has consequently driven the shift to alternative fuels such as ethanol, methanol, electricity, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), bio-diesel, hydrogen, compressed natu ... cit, create jobs, and promote economic activity. This article will focus on two alternatives fuels, ethanol and compressed natural gas.EthanolThe liquid ethanol or ethyl alcohol can be used as a fuel ...

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Assess the potential of ethanol as an alternative fuel and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of its use

Using ethanol as an alternate fuel, or fuel extender includes a heterogenous agglomeration of advantages a ... uel, or fuel extender includes a heterogenous agglomeration of advantages and disadvantages.On cars:ethanol is preferable to lead as an octane booster. A 10% addition of ethanol to petrol is more effe ... than lead at boosting octane rating (+2.5) and making car run smoother. It's cheaper than lead, and ethanol-blended fuels leave no gummy deposits, thus keeps engine clean.Although a minimal 10% ethano ...

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Future of cars

ties of future fuels. They use what is plentiful in the world and isn't harmful to the environment. Ethanol fuel is renewable which can be obtained through various means. A very likely future fuel is ... is required to help the environment as well as individuals. An alternative to conventional fuel is ethanol. It is already possible to use the corn based product as fuel through specialized engines an ...

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Business Research Problem/ Opportunity

RES/341 - � PAGE �1� - Ethanol Fuel: The More Efficient and Effective Way of BiofuelSolkira RamirezRESEARCH AND EVALUATION ... into a recent passion, one which I have all intentions of seeing through to culmination.In Brazil, ethanol fuel is produced from sugar cane which is a more efficient source of fermentable carbohydrat ... e of sugarcane. Brazil has the largest sugar cane crop in the world, and is the largest exporter of ethanol in the world. High government sales taxes on gasoline, as well as government subsidies for e ...

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The future of Bioethanol fuel

Chemistry 30 Unit 15 Energy Assignment: Bioethanol fuelBy: Maria Araujo. TA: RoculanBioethanol fuel is a renewable energy source made by fermen ... ing on what kind of natural product is used, however, they all have the same base steps. During the ethanol fermentation, glucose is broken down into ethanol and carbon dioxide; this process usually g ... ew days. After fermentation, the resulting product is transferred to distillation columns where the ethanol is separated. For ethanol to be useable as fuel, water must be removed. The pure ethanol can ...

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