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Information on the best known marsupials - the koala and the kangaroo

in its mothers' pouch for six months, then rides on its back for another 6 months.They live in the Eucalyptus trees in Australia, these trees provide them food (the leaves) and a home. The word 'Koal ... . The word 'Koala' meeans 'no water'. This is because Koalas' don't drink, as water is found in the Eucalyptus leaves.Koalas' are nocturnal animals, meaning they are active at night.Unfortunatley the ...

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Sea for Yourself Sea for Yourself is the title of my essay.

ard Canyon hides itself deep inside the core of Montana De Oro. Well-covered by crowds of unearthly eucalyptus trees, the meandering roads undulate enough to deceive the blind man and make him believe ... o the cove. This discreet dirt pull off, only attracts adventurous minds. The overwhelming smell of eucalyptus is bellowing outside, and it wants in. So when you open the door to get out of your car, ...

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The Australian Outback

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An essay on Australia's unique flora and fauna

in Australia andnowhere else in the world. For example, most ofAustralia's 500 different species of Eucalyptus(gum trees) are endemic. Some plant species arenot only unique to Australia but also uniqu ...

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The Australian identity and how is has evolved over time.

d national identity and idology. The three texts 'Then and Now' by Ooderoo of the tribe Noonuccal, 'Eucalyptus' by Murray Bail and 'Nobody Calls me a Wog anymore' by Kimninos, each reflect the differe ... sacrifices and change made to the rich traditions and culture of the Australian indigenous people.'Eucalyptus' by Murray Bail is a romantic love story about Holland, a father who couldn't come to a d ...

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