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The Electorial College

te summer when parties choose their nominees for president. Voters cast their ballots for president evey four years on the first Monday in November. The voters are not directly voting for president an ... he electoral college acts as the finall voice. I feel that this winner takes all system is fair for eveyone, even the looser of the popular vote. This system allows the looser of the popular vote to w ...

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Political Analysis of the Novel 'V for Vendetta'

tFall 2010'V for Vendetta'A Political AnalysisIn this paper I would like to focus on the masses and Evey in 'V for Vendetta' since they seem to me a close correlation to what is occurring today. In th ... their own political ideology. We shall also take a look at the similarities and differences between Evey and masses in regard to their feelings and reactions to V and to the existing government.In ord ...

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V for Vendetta

amera angles and shots to convey the memorable idea of a government's power over its people. Whilst Evey is walking to Gordon's house at night, long shots of dark, deserted streets are shown. These lo ... f close-ups is used in V for Vendetta when the finger men (government officials) have just captured Evey who is out after curfew. Close ups of Evey's face are shown which enables the viewer to see her ...

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