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This is about the Nubians and Olmecs. I did this paper for anthroplogy. This is about the origan and difference between these to mesoamerican cultures.

979 , of Manding writing provide the "absolute proof " recovered by archaeologists from "controlled excavations in the New World" demanded by Haslip-Viera, Ortiz de Montellano and Barbour (1997: 419) ... can writing on Olmec celts, masks and statues, is the genuine African artifact found "in controlled excavations in the New World" demanded by Haslip-Viera, Ortiz de Montellano and Barbour (1997: 419) ...

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Ancient Mesopotamia.

the 19th century the existence of the Sumerian and Babylonian people was not known. The first major excavations took place in 1842. This lead to the discovery of the Sumerian and Babylonian people.The ...

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The Neolithic in Albania - A very exellent description of the Neolithic era in Albania, very rare topic!!!

, which were set up on fertile fields and terraces close to rivers and caves." (Cultural Heritage) "Excavations carried out at Maliq, Dunavec, and Vashtemi (Korce), at Kamnik (Kolonje) Cakran (Filer), ... lbania in this period. "The Vashtemi culture is situated some eleven kilometers north of Korce. The excavations of 1974, which were inspired by chance finds, revealed a deposit consisting of a single ...

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The History of Writing

in clay. This was when a language started to develop. One of the earliest examples was found in the excavations of Uruk in Mesopotamia. The pictures began to represent what they meant. These were call ...

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Biology: Human Evolution

esearched topics in the scientific and paleontological fields is the evolution of human beings. New excavations and reconstructions constantly bring new evidence to reshape the human ancestral tree. T ...

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Excavation is destruction." Explore with examples a range of justifications given for excavating sites.

n inappropriate excavation are vastly reduced. There are predominantly three main reasons as to why excavations take place, which help argue the validity of excavations. These are Research excavations ... lp argue the validity of excavations. These are Research excavations, Social excavations and Rescue excavations.Research excavations take place less often. They differ from other excavations because t ...

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Essay plan for the evidence of a Trojan War.

and both consider it to be Troy.* 9 Layers of Troy + Iliad tell us it must have been there.* After excavations (dating of sites) there are doubts due to size of Troy VIIa:-"I am extremely disappointe ... s" - Carpenter* Korfmann believes that Hissarlik is Troy.Paragraph 2:* Hissarlik is the site due to excavations of Troy VIIa* They found:-Fortifications built-Decline in Mycenaean pottery* Korfmann ex ...

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Every day life in Pompeii and Herculaneum

be conducted at home might be playing board games with dice, reciting poetry or playing music. From excavations of both Herculaneum and Pompeii, numerous taverns have been discovered, four public bath ... urine which kept the city more cleanly. Baths also helped keep the general population cleaner. From excavations of houses it has been found that people living in Pompeii and Herculaneum didn't have to ...

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Mesopotamian Culture         The name Mesopotamia came from the Greek, meaning

ntry of Iraq. Historically, it was one of the main founders of human civilization.Recent archeology excavations in Mesopotamia, conducted since about 1840, have given us evidence of settlement back to ... gh level, and elaborate religious cults evolved. All of these were discovered in ruins during their excavations of Mesopotamia.Two major events happened during the time of Mesopotamia. The first is in ...

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tes in Rome that are really useful for historians' enquiries. Since at least one hundred years old, excavations have taken place in the Comitium, and on the foot of the Palatine hill in order to find ...

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Where a legend was made

endary castles was Tintagel. Tintagel Castle was most known for the location of where it was built, excavations, and its historical significance.Tintagel Castle is located on the north coast of Cornwa ... illiam of Worchester first recorded that King Arthur was born at Tintagel in 1478. (Tintagel Castle)Excavations at Tintagel in the 1930s unearthed a wealth about Tintagel Castle. More than twenty rect ...

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Report on the Inca Mummies of Tupac Amaru

.Two Mummies from the Inca un-wrapped from the mummy bundlesDuring the years of 1991, 2000 and 2001 excavations took place to recover more mummies and artefacts of the Inca civilisation which lived be ...

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Brick Making

ction 01Brick MakingBrick is one of the oldest manufactured building materials. Ancient records and excavations show that brick construction dates back more than 5000 years. Brick making was a highly ...

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