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Title: The Power of Virtual Reality

hat's VR all about. No one really talk about VR here in those days. With movies like 'The Matrix', 'eXistenZ' and 'The Thirteenth Floor', it seem that the kind of spaces that I will be talking about a ... ikewise do they know that the experience exists, whether or not it is tied to some source. I think 'eXistenZ' would be the best movie to describe what is 'Immersive VR'.'eXistenZ' is actually the titl ...

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The Future of Video Gaming

ies is often explored in such famous movies as The Matrix, but also in other similar movies such as eXistenZ and Videodrone. In all of these movies there is a situation in a character does not know wh ...

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Produced by Canadian director David Cronenberg, the sci-fi fantasy flick, "EXistenZ" is one that, to the average movie watcher, certainly has a way of standing out. As he so o ... ns with a live demonstration of a new virtual reality game from a new age gaming corporation called eXistenZ, the setting being a session hosted by the game's designer, the shy Allegra Geller. Unlike ... ted by the game's designer, the shy Allegra Geller. Unlike the video games of today, video games in eXistenZ are delivered directly into player's nervous system through state of the art game pods, biz ...

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Foucault, Michel: Verteidigung der Gesellschaft. Vorlesung am Collège de France

ml;glich ist und beleuchtet dabei sowohl seine Entstehung, als auch die Gründe für dessen Existenz. Es werden Begriffe wie Disziplinartechnik, Biopolitik und Macht näher erläutert ...

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Attribute eines Dandys - Sprache und Selbstdarstellung am Beispiel von Oscar Wilde, "The Importance of being Earnest"

sondern als das Kunstwerk selbst anzusehen ist, welches der Bewunderung der Masse bedarf und dessen Existenz der vollkommenen Umsetzung von Ästhetik gewidmet ist: "Dandyism, which is an instituti ...

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