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Describe using examples the impact of mass extinction on species diversity.

ity, became extinct, typically within ten million years or so of their first appearance. This large extinction rate has had an important influence on the evolution of life on Earth.Humans are presentl ... important influence on the evolution of life on Earth.Humans are presently causing the record mass extinction of species since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. If current trends ...

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The Permian Extinction

The end Permian extinction event was the most devastating to organisms in Earth history. Some 70% of terrestrial spe ... ve been suggested to explain this event.One hypothesis that has been proffered to explain this mass extinction is the catastrophic asteroid impact hypothesis. There is evidence that an asteroid or com ... There is evidence that an asteroid or comet could have impacted the Earth causing a sudden massive extinction event. The following is a brief description of the immediate consequences of an asteroid ...

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The Sixth Mass Extinction: True or False?

It is believed Earth may be in the midst of another mass extinction, also known as 'The Sixth Mass Extinction'. This mass extinction is the first for 65 mill ... natural resources•Invasive species eg. Gorse in New ZealandRecords suggest that the worst mass extinctions can occur when temperatures are the warmest. By comparing early records of marine and te ... chers from the Universities of York and Leeds found a close relationship between Earths climate and extinctions over the past 520 million years. The result: higher extinction rates occur at higher tem ...

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The Causes of the Dinosaurs’ Extinction

65533;PAGE �1� Elizabeth Hoover Research EssayMay 7, 2013The Causes of the Dinosaurs' ExtinctionAbout sixty five million year ago something happened to change the Earth. At the end of th ... ent of all animal species, including dinosaurs, became extinct. This event is known as the K-T mass extinction because it occurred at the boundary between the Cretaceous (K) and Tertiary (T) time peri ...

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