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Rabies Virus

A good one for a couple of extra credit points. "Well done."RabiesRabies is an infectious disease of animals which is a member ...

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Review of Article "studies of sleep in strange places"

it is a review of an article but still awsome teacher loved it and gave me extra creditA.P. Bio Article ReviewBibliography:Jama, Studies of Sleep in Strange Places May Benefit ...

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"As Good As It Gets" and discusses his OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) problem.

Psychology Extra Credit"As Good As It Gets"(A Breakdown Of OCD)Melvin Udall is a successful novelist who suffer ...

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Essay about Krishnamurti, most notably, his book "Freedom from the Known"

Clint HenryMr. ZExtra credit "Freedom from the Known"The vital need for change and the possibility of it are the ess ...

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1950 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature (the co-recipient that year was Bertrand Russell).Extra credit: During World War I, when Faulkner was trying to get into the Royal Air Force in Canada ... 9) and The Muppet Movie (1979). In his later years he worked mostly in television and as a narrator.Extra credit: The Mercury Theater's radio productions were known as the Mercury Theater on the Air.. ...

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A Realization

Lee A. ZitoHolocaust Museum Trip Extra CreditWhen we attended the Holocaust Museum it had been the second time I had visited it. I re ...

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Us economy compared to the millitary, healthcare profession

Business 115, extra credit reportHealth Care ProfessionalWith the economy changing daily the stress of picking a c ...

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FletcherChe110-14111-30-05Extra Credit ReportOne MoleculeBMCCMethadone a synthetic opioid that is used as the hydrochloride. I ...

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A biography about the Chernobyl accident. I did it for science, but you can use it for anything. I can be used for science, history, and English.

tes and 1 video in biography. It also has a speech inside. It also has a quiz to quiz the class for extra credit. My teach asked for an Introduction, What happened, Why this is a problem, and conclust ...

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Jewish Customs

For the extra credit, I decided to become an Orthodox Jew for two weekends. My immediate family, including m ...

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Psychology of Personality. Extra credit paper. Write a one or two paragraph response for all three of the following questions (One sentence will not recieve extra credit.).

MasterPuppetPsychology of PersonalityProf. Coons StimaExtra credit paper.Write a one or two paragraph response for all three of the following questions (O ... e or two paragraph response for all three of the following questions (One sentence will not recieve extra credit.).1. Briefly descibe the stregth and weakness of each type of data collection we discus ...

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Cicil War

The Museum of Tolerance For my extra credit report, I, Juan Rico, visited the Museum of Tolerance. The Museum is located on 970 Pic ...

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Critical Chain

When I first heard that we were able to pick up some extra credit for doing a book report on a Critical Chain by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, I figured that it w ...

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Sociology Comparison:Social Class

Karen Coles >Patricia Davis >Sociology 201--EXTRA CREDIT >October 18, 2001 > > >The Young & The Restless > > My absolute f ...

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Anthropology 23 October 2001 Extra Credit The studies of mortuary practices are very interesting to me especially since I ...

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US Fourth Amendment

Extra Credit Lecture The United States Constitution's Fourth Amendment deals with legal search and s ...

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Extra Credit #5-Mini Project Chapter 5: Philosophy of Religion Notes (How I study) Rewriting notes W ...

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Math Success Plan

ter the test was graded, I corrected all wrong answers and asked questions. I took advantage of any extra credit available to help out my final semester grade. I believe that In order to be successful ...

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Through out my life, I have made many mistakes. I

orse. I did the minimum work possible. I would turn in my work but I never went out of my way to do extra credit or to actually do it good. I would ask my older sister if she had done the work before ... , that school is important.Now that I am in college, I try to do the best that I can. College is an extra step I need to take in order to get were I want to be in the future. I see college as a way to ...

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Teens in the New Millennium

ion won't stop after university, when completed one will typically look for employment while taking extra credit courses to better themselves for work and to make them more appealing to a potential em ...

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