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"Gestures" It' is about studying body gestures made from a professor in college.

arm forward as if saying "go on". When something is said that may not be understood he'll lift one eyebrow up, or maybe something is hard to believe, he'll then arch one eyebrow and the right side of ...

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Character Sketch by Wafa Nurdin Brian Estardio

a square jaw and hollowed out cheeks, due to the hunger. He has facial hair, and a scar on his left eyebrow due to his father hitting him with bottle when he was 9 years old. His perfect vision can be ...

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A wish

tely wanted to disbelieve,but he knew.The doctor began his incision. He sliced the skin beneath the eyebrow smoothly and evenly with the razor as his patient screamed, stopping just short of shearing ... dousing the man'sforehead and eye with the crimson fluid.The doctor yanked off what was left of the eyebrow and discarded it in a nearby wastebasket.'Hmm,' the doctor said. He considered his moaning p ...

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The wit of Ancient Chinese Politest - Han Fei (280-233 BC)

heir original opinions. Sovereign observe men, not the men observe the sovereign.You can't see your eyebrow with your own eyes. If you are the most talented man, you have things that you can't do. If ...

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The Attica Prison Riot of 1971 and Its Impact on Prison Reform.

t and the handling of the riot. However, one thing is certain, the riot did more than just raise an eyebrow it caught the attention of both the general public and government officials which in turn ma ...

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for my eyes, a long carrot for my nose, a banana for my mouth and two nicely-curved peapods for my eyebrows. I look muscular with these eyebrows, and I love them. A boy called Jack made me a few days ... em for Santa who needed enormous energy for that night. When he came, he gave me two peapods for my eyebrows. I didn’t have eyebrows, and I’ve always wanted them, because I looked shy. Snow- ...

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How To Get An "Easy" A On Your Homework And Make Y

orking hard while you are working in front of your teacher or in front of your parents is furl your eyebrow (if you can), look at the homework and study the words like they have a hidden meaning, and ...

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