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stomata distribution in a dicot leaf

n the upper surface.In order to carry out the experiment 3 methods were used:(1) Calibration of the eyepiece graticule- done in order to work out field of view area.(2) Counting of the stomata using t ... iew area.(2) Counting of the stomata using the microscope.(3) Calculating stomata density.Equipment:Eyepiece graticuleMicroscopeStage micrometerDicotyledonous leaf ? ivyClear nail polishGlass slideCle ...

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This is on Reflecting telescopes, how they work, etc.

the light from the sky to a flat, smaller mirror (or sometimes prism), that diverts the light to an eyepiece located on the side of the tube. In the Cassegrain design the light reflects back through a ...

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Fibre optics is the transmission of light through fibres or thin glass rods with a high refractive index over a distance.

light is shone down the endoscope and reflected back up the bundle of fibres and viewed through an eyepiece by the endoscopist. Originally endoscopes were only used for diagnosis. However they can no ...

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Light Microscope and Electron Microscopes

appears to be under the microscope than it is in real life.Overall magnification = Objective lens x Eyepiece lensResolution is the ability to distinguish between two points on an image.· ... h the specimen and into an 'objective', which magnifies the subject before it is viewed through the eyepiece. Certain components of the tissue, such as nerves or a protein, can be seen by staining the ...

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g to be the world's largest telescope. Interferometry is what is used to refract the light into the eyepiece so that the astronomers can see things on the moon that are as small as 3 feet long. The as ...

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Hubble Telescope

the end of its tube. The mirror receives light, focuses an image and reflects the image back to the eyepiece. The eyepiece is mounted on the side of the telescope so the viewer will not block the ligh ... ing Telescope: The Refracting Telescope uses a convex lens to collect light and focus an image. The eyepiece is mounted on the end of the telescope tube. When people think of a telescope, this is the ...

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Investigating the Compound Microscope

Aim:To investigate and understand the effects of two convex lenses – the objective and the eyepiece lenses – being placed apart forming a magnified image.Theoretical Background:Light mic ... t is possible to magnify any object. The light microscope is basically made up of 5 components, the eyepiece lens (also known as the ocular lens) the objective lens, stage, focus and the light source. ...

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