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Autobiographical incident--Tramatic incident of falling in my backyard pool. This is an incident that I had to write about for English.

bounce, I keep going up as if angels were lifting me away from harm. A myriad of pearls run over my face and body, tickling me, as I reach our world once again and take what seems like my first glorio ... sinking deeper, and I was going fast. All I could see was a sea of bubbles, blue water, and the surface dwindling away. Then suddenly, I hit the bottom of the pool; so hard, that it seemed to knock t ...

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A veteran's experiance in the war.

containing one suit of underwear, one extra pair of socks and necessary toilet articles including a face and body towel" (Pranger, Duty Calls 1). Before assembling at the local board on the assigned d ...

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Smallpox is a serious, contagious, and sometimes fatal infectious disease.

lpox is derived from the Latin word for "spotted" and refers to the raised bumps that appear on the face and body of an infected person.There are two clinical forms of smallpox. Variola major is the s ... precautions for dealing with a smallpox outbreak.TransmissionGenerally, direct and fairly prolonged face-to-face contact is required to spread smallpox from one person to another. Smallpox also can be ...

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WitchCraft and Wicca

ccused of being witches for were:- Cannibalism- Un- explainable doings- Disappearances- Appearance (face and body)- If a member of your family was killed for being a witch, say your mother, then all t ...

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A concept for a 12-minute script.

e is rushed to hospital where the doctors immediately start operating on her. She wakes up with her face and body bruised and cut and is suffering a bit of amnesia. She falls back asleep and is awoken ...

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"The Handmaid's Tale: Mayday! Mayday!"

over of the book that caught my eye, the woman looking like someone out of a Brueghel painting, her face and body obscured by red and white.If you're an educated woman, this is a terrifying novel to r ...

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Magical Realism in "The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay

was a giant.Women began the task of cleaning the stranger, removing the remains of the sea from his face and body. Soon after the women began cleaning the stranger, they saw that he was, in the words ... ng the lack of concern for the welfare of Esteban shown by the men, removed a handkerchief from his face. Now he was Esteban. Even the men had to take possession of the stranger. Being one of their ow ...

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The Collector: Creative Writing Task.

ian blind and brushed George's cheek. He wrestled around uncomfortably but finally settled once his face was out of the sun's way.A loud, piercing roar interrupted the peacefulness outside which sound ... isrupting the neighborhood's contentment. George rose to the sound at once. Sweat streamed down his face and body, like rain on a window pane, and George shot out of his room.He ran around the house f ...

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Graphic Novel: Kingdom Come

ead lighting further enhances this secretive feeling by casting dramatic, foreboding shadows on his face and body that make it hard to see the man's eyes. He is dressed in a grey businesslike suit but ... suit with an unusually styled dress shirt. He is leaning back, causing less dramatic shadows on his face and allowing it to be lit more. He also has a stern expression; arched eyebrows, squinting eyes ...

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Gender And The Media

rls. For example Barbie which is a doll for girls, has an apperience of a 17 years old girl by it?s face and body . Altough the girls playing with it are mostly at an age 4-15, they imagine themselves ... e to do the works or activities that men does. They should have well looking, polite with a smiling face, love their family with sensitivity. While men have a tuff characters without being emotional, ...

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