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"Teenagers should be discouraged from going into internet chat rooms." Do you agree?

ial circle as a result.And now, with the wide usage of applications such as MSN (Microsoft Network) Messenger and Friendster, we only chat with people that we already know, making it much safer for ev ... t much safer for everyone. Furthermore, you are able to block someone from chatting with you on MSN Messenger and on Friendster. We are also able to see that particular person's photograph before we d ...

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Facebook can talk

Yueli ChenEN101December 9, 2013Draft: #3Facebook Can TalkFacebook has been a sensitive and hot topic of discussion for many years. The use o ... many years. The use of Facebook brings many issues. For example, people might like to talk about if Facebook is more of a positive or a negative, if Facebook should be banned, or more seriously, if it ... f it is a beneficial social media that can help enhance people's social or private life. Sometimes, Facebook is like a superstar in the news, whether positive or negative, and users seem obsessed with ...

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