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managerial accounting

Quality HRD FinanceDirector Director DirectorIndustrialStandard Cost also calledL: LaborB: Burden (factory overhead)M. MaterialEx:Sales $100Labor 10Material 20Variable Factory overhead 5Fixed factory ... riable CostsGross margin (profit): Sales - COGS (product cost)1. 100 - (labor + Material + Variable factory overhead + Variable administration + variable selling) = 100 - 55 = 452. 100 - (Labor + Mate ...

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Management Accounting

ur. The true cost of a product cannot be calculated as direct labour is not the only cost driver of overheads. One allocation base cannot be the only cause of costs. Direct labour as an allocation bas ... p over fifty per cent of a products costs. As such, it is important to be accurate when calculating overheads.ABC can be more costly for the firm as it requires the use of computer technology. Firms w ...

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