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The Use of Irony in The Farming of Bones

The Use of Irony in The Farming of BonesThe Farming of Bones is a fictitious narrative based on historic events - the 1937 m ... ters. The rigorous work at times left their skins and bodies chipped away. In a way while they were farming for the food, plucking the crop from the earth, they themselves were being plucked at in the ... ation to the Haitian genocide that took place in the Dominican Republic in 1937. Danticat wrote The Farming of Bones while asking a central question: will the "nameless and faceless who vanished like ...

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Pesi Pride: The Effects of Parsley in Danticat's "The Farming of Bones"

HannahCrowtherEnglish II H/57 March, 2014Pési Pride:The Effects of Parsley in Danticat's The Farming of BonesOne word can hold the power to move mountains. In The Farming of Bones, this word is ... one chooses to say influence everything. Parsley definitely affected almost everyone's lives in The Farming of Bones. There is a lot to be learned from this one quote: the significance of parsley, the ...

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