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s cholesterol.The organic compound of lipids have many similarities. They are almost always greasy, fatty, oily, or waxy. They do not dissolve in water, but they do in other organic solvents. This is ... wash of because it seems to repel the water.You can find lipids in many places. They are usually in fatty foods like butter, salad dressing, and cooking oils. They can also be found inside of animals ...

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Everything you need to know about a cell - definitions in outline form, interpretation of Honors Biology intro.

- no more than 20 or so C atomsa. simple sugars- buuilding block for syntheses of polysaccharidesb. fatty acids- building blocks for syntheses of lipidsc. amino acids- building blocks for synthesis of ... major component of membranes and other cell structure and some function as hormones.1. Lipids with fatty acid components- fatty acid (long unbranched hydrocarbon with a -COOH group at the end)a. glyc ...

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Heavily summarised notes for biological molecules (lipids) personally summarised

.- If it is in the lipid state at 20oC, it is an oil.II. TYPES OF LIPIDS1. Simple lipids- Esters of fatty acids with various alcohol.- Fats - esters of fatty acids with glycerol (e.g. triglyceride)- W ... various alcohol.- Fats - esters of fatty acids with glycerol (e.g. triglyceride)- Waxes - esters of fatty acids with complex alcohol.2. Compound lipids- Lipid + non-lipid components.- E.g. Phospholipi ...

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Introduction to various biological molecules

that do everything that happens within us.2. FatsStructureAny fat molecule, also known as a fatty acid, has: Chain of hydrocarbons, attached to each other in either a single- or double- ... ey contain more than one double bond chain and has lesser hydrogen than saturated fat. Trans fatty acidso Trans fatty acids manipulate with unsaturated fats and make them more solid tha ...

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Lorenzo's Oil

le carries a genetic trait passed down from generations. ALD affects the dietary system and the way fatty acids are broken down. Lorenzo is an average kid and becomes deathly ill over a short amount o ... e world come up with and oil that keeps on part of the body working and the other breaking down the fatty acids. While they came up with this concoction, Lorenzo's body could not even help him swallow ...

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Chemistry In The Kitchen: Food Additives

However, if the food is left untreated, oxidative deterioration of the flavor and odor of fats and fatty constituents in it will be resulted. Hence, antioxidant are used widely in the production of f ... f foods containing fats under modern conditions.The major factor in quality degradation of fats and fatty portions of foods is oxidation. In the oxidative deterioration of fats and fat-like substances ...

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Oils and the Human Body

rpose of this lab was to identify an unknown edible oil sample. Gas chromatographic analysis of the fatty acid methyl esters was conducted to find an unknown sample of oil. It was found that the unkno ... from the chromatogram was oleic.Introduction: Basic oils are essential for the human body. Oils are fatty acids that are utilized by the body for metabolic functioning. Fatty acids are a simple form o ...

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isorder that is characterized by the loss of myelin on nerve fibers within the brain. Myelin is the fatty covering on the nerve fibers. The disease causes the continued degeneration of the adrenal gla ... tion of the adrenal gland. The basic defect is that the impaired capacity todegrade very long chain fatty acids that are found in the blood plasma and tissues of the body. These fatty acids accumulate ...

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ules that come together due to their unique properties. Phospholipid molecules are constructed like fatty acid molecules (three fatty acid molecules attached to a glycerol molecule), except one of the ...

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Biology Lab Report On The Effects Of Different Bio-toxins On E. Coli

way - by inhibiting one of the highly conserved enzymes (enoyl-ACP reductase, or FabI) of bacterial fatty-acid biosynthesis. Further, they have found that, several key pathogenic bacteria do not posse ...

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