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It's an essay about steroiods and it's effects.

ent agencies such as Food Drug Administration. There are many other government run agencies but the FDA decides what's what. First of all there's the more well known legal enhancers such as creatine a ...

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Vivisection (Experimentation on living animals)

nsafe food, drugs and cosmetics.Two of the most common animal test are the Draize Test (named after FDA scientist John Draize) and the LD50 (Leathal Dose 50). The Draize Test involves dropping a subst ...

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Product Recall information.

nited States. In 1979, the agency became a part of the Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA not only protects the American Citizen from unsafe foods but it also monitors drugs, medical dev ... 83, Dr. Harvey W. Wiley became the chief chemist at the Bureau of Chemistry (the predecessor of the FDA). Dr. Wiley campaigned for a federal law regarding food adulteration. He is known as the "Father ...

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New Cancer Treatment Brings Hope in 2001

New Cancer Treatment Brings Hope in 2001 by Liza Jane MaltinOn May 10 2001, FDA approved a new drug known as Gleevec (formerly St1- 571) for successfully treating cancer of the ...

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Silicon or Saline This essay debates the current event issue of which breast implant is safer, Silicon or Saline, and if the FDA should lift the ban off of silicon implants completely..

illness purportedly caused by exposure to silicone." The implant maker Inamed Corp. proposed to the FDA, a few weeks ago, that silicone implants can not actually be directly linked to many diseases an ... linked to many diseases and illnesses that they were thought to be. The advisory committee for the FDA has chosen to advise that the use of silicone implants is safe, at least while research is still ...

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Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana

etter quality remedy than currently available therapies, and insist that using marijuana before the FDA determines its effectiveness and safety may do more harm than help. However, there have been man ...

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The Effects Of Genetically Modified Salmon

genetically modifying plants and more recently they have started on animals. (Martin, Andrew. "Will FDA bite..."). A lot of fruits and vegetables have been altered by adding genes that will keep them ... opular seafood in the United States, trailing behind shrimp and canned tuna. (Martin, Andrew. "Will FDA bite..."). That's why companies such as 'Aqua Bounty Farms' and 'New Zealand King Salmon Limited ...

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Particular skills and abilities needed to develop in a department that specializes in strategic technology alliances

ributed its novel new source of insulin to the relationship, while Eli Lilly contributed financing, FDA experience, distribution channels, and marketing. This partnership resulted in the product Humul ...

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FDA bans EphedraMany Americans are upset with the government, but what the people don't realizeis th ... to get this drug off the shelves by April. Health problems relating toephedra were reported to the FDA about eight years ago. The FDA was unable to banthis drug due to the lack of evidence. It finall ...

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a condition that drains away one of the hardest and most durable substances in the body, the bone (FDA, 2001). This is accomplished by the loss of minerals from the bone, primarily calcium. This in t ... usceptible to brakeage (AAOS, 2000). Osteoporosis comes from the Latin word meaning "porous bones" (FDA, 2001). "Bones consist of a matrix of fibres of the tough protein collagen, hardened with calciu ...

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Do Cell Phones Cause Health Risks? Radiation's Effects on the Human Body.

cation devices. The radiation emitted by cellular phones is classified as radio frequency or RF (US FDA, 1), and is expressed in a unit called a hertz (HZ), which is equal to one wave per second. More ... per kilogram (4W/kg) as a threshold level of exposure at which radiation can harm body tissues (US FDA, 3). The SAR level of 4W/kg was adopted as the U.S. legal limit in 1996 after U.S. guidelines we ...

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Abortion Research Paper

after pill, which contains high doses of a hormone used in birth control pills, was approved by the FDA as a prescription drug in 1998. If taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, it prevents ...

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Why vote Bush?

efending a politically unpopular position.That same day, in an interview with the Associated Press, FDA Acting Commissioner Lester Crawford said terrorist "cues from chatter" led him to believe Al Qae ...

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Problem Analysis and Decision-Making Techniques Paper

nmost stores contain carcinogens, toxins, or contaminates that have notbeen fully researched by the FDA. Every time you use personal care products, you could be exposing yourself to potentially danger ...

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Short piece on Emergency Contraception

ood and Drug administration voted to make the "morning-after" pill available over-the-counter . The FDA has not yet acted on this recommendation . The morning-after pill is the vernacular term for eme ... ity to inhibit and, depending on one's perspective, possibly to terminate unwanted pregnancies. The FDA approved the first version of the morning-after pill for prescription use in 1998 . The issue to ...

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Imclone Systems

ImClone Systems, spit out a stunning announcement. Citing sloppy data and poor research design, the FDA had spiked the company's application to file for approval for its much-anticipated cancer drug, ... ock was compounded by a sense of betrayal: Waksal had attempted to unload his stock just before the FDA's announcement. When that news surfaced, it undermined investors' belief in Erbitux's efficacy, ...

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A New Wonder Cancer Drug

and there is no guarantee that it will be completed or approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) therefore Gleevec has no fear of a competitor coming into the pharmaceutical cancer drug market ... e showing compromising affects of Gleevec on heart diseases besides leukemia and if approved by the FDA in the future Gleevec can be used to cure heart diseases which may expands Gleevec's use and pul ...

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c. It is not a natural opiate but a synthetic compound belonging to the phenylpeperidine class. The FDA first approved it in 1942 with much controversy because of its side effects from the opium insid ...

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There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can!

ked up the story and added that there have been no reports of injury in either case. On June 12 the FDA issued a five-state consumer alert. This alert asked all consumers to pour soft drinks into a cu ... consumer alert. This alert asked all consumers to pour soft drinks into a cup before consuming. The FDA did not recommend recalling the Diet Pepsi soft drink. The next day, there was another claim of ...

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Ethics - international

In 1969 the FDA banned cyclamates from the U.S. Market. By FDA criteria cyclamates presented an unacceptable lev ... es into the foreign markets. Cyclamates could be very damaging to one's health, and that is why the FDA banned their use in America. Based on Singer's first premise, if we can prevent something bad fr ... g anything of comparable moral significance, than we ought to. For his second premise, based on the FDA's ban of cyclamates, they are obviously bad. For his third premise, by not introducing cyclamate ...

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