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This is a discription of the soft money elections in the States.

ss and influence in Washington. Soft money contributions are huge, unregulated donations benefiting federal candidates that evade federal campaign finance laws. Current federal law prohibits corporati ... aign finance laws. Current federal law prohibits corporations and labor unions from direct gifts to federal candidates. Individuals may give up to $1,000 to a candidate per election, and up to $20,000 ...

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Political Campaigns.

ars Financial contributions by corporations, labor unions and other organizations, individuals, and federal employees as well as expenditures (the act or process of expending) by the campaigns nationa ... ttees have been restricted by law. The regulation of this was attempted by the establishment of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) in 1974 and 1976; the FEC provides public financing for return of ...

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Compulsory Voting.

ed out to vote in nationalpresidential elections has declined from 63.06% in 1960 to 51.3% in 2000 (Federal ElectionCommission), and the decline of the percentage of the VAP that votes in mid-term ele ... 24, the percentage ofthe VAP that voted in presidential elections has hovered somewhere around 50% (FederalElectoral Commission). Moreover, the United States ranks 139th out of 172 countries in terms ...

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It is about Campaign Finance Reform

Federal Election Campaign ReformCampaign finance reform did not become a major issue in the U.S. unt ... assed; the newest major one was passed in March 25, 2002.In 1972 president Richard Nixon signed the Federal Election Campaign Act into law before Watergate scandal became public. The new law strengthe ... e new law strengthened disclosure requirements, set strict new laws on contribution and spending in federal election and also created a system of public financing for presidential election. In Buckley ...

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Encouraging the Voting Way of Life

es via a memory cartridge, diskette or smart-card and added to the choices of all other voters (The Federal Election Commission). This would speed up the voting process so that the amount of time it w ...

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Campaign Finance Reform in the United States

e idea of all Americans having an equal say in political affairs. Beginning with the passage of the Federal Election Campaign Act in 1971 and its subsequent enactment in 1974, the debate over campaign ... ng of soft money, claiming that there was little difference between hard money and soft money since federal candidates usually decided how soft money would be spent (Soft Money). Because unlimited amo ...

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Natural Law Party

28 candidates, and became the first party in history to be granted "national party" status by the Federal Election Commission. Dr. John Hagelin, its presidential candidate, also qualified for fede ...

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How to vote in USA

n a state wins all the pledged votes of the state's electors.Am I eligible to vote?According to the Federal Election Commission, you must:Be a citizen of the United StatesBe a resident of the state in ... different than people living in the United States. For information about voting abroad, contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program ( or 800-438-VOTE.) Also visit the Overseas Vot ...

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Campaign Finance

hort history of the United States, political campaigns have gone through major changes. Since 1925, Federal laws have limited campaign spending; in 1971, Congress passed the Federal Election Campaign ... ally win elections. All campaign money is classified into two major groups: "hard money", which are Federally regulated contributions from individuals and PACs to candidates or groups that make indepe ...

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