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Bill Gates

n the early 1980s and has just increased in distribution as the company has grown, so much that the Federal government is suggesting that Microsoft has violated Sherman and Clayton antitrust acts.Bill ... dustry(Jobs 50). However, because Microsoft enjoys a near monopoly, beginning in June of 1990, the 'Federal Trade Commission, which shares antitrust jurisdiction with the Department of Justice, took t ...

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Capital Punishment

rs, rapists and thieves, and for what reason, to live the good life? The average prisoner costs the federal government one hundred and fifty dollars a day which amounts to fifty-three thousand four hu ...

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US Congressional study

Congress is the largest governing body in the federal government. Congress makes up the legislative branch, along with the executive and judicial ... omposed of fifty percent House members and fifty percent Senators.Congress is the only place in the federal governent where all federal laws must originate. A bill, as it is called before approval, ca ...

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overnment which have become fundamental to the nation?s political operation. Some of which included federalism, and separation of powers.Federalism , is also referred to as federal government, a natio ... al system in which two levels of government control the same territory and citizens. Countries with federal political systems have both a central government and governments based in smaller political ...

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marijuana has been a controversial issue in the U.S. forthe past several years. The people vs. the federal government is just one ofthe main debates over legalization.In the past marijuana was requir ... gal in the late 1800's but a bill was passed and marijuana wasquickly considered to be illegal. The federal legislation prohibiting marijuanapassed at the end of 1937 congressional session was virtual ...

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Pass the Peace Pipe

d for decades. The "smoke" has yet to settle in Washington, but a reaction to the new laws from the federal government seems unlikely. Optimistic supporters hope that similar policies and propositions ... rrent laws of the United States government, possessing, selling, or using marijuana is illegal. The federal government is proud of its tough policy on illegal drugs. As citizens, we are all thankful t ...

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Debate Brief

is own gun after hestops and confronts a gang spraying graffiti on a street.II. Resolved : that the Federal Government should pass laws to prevent the development gang related youth violence.Definitio ... igh tech training will be available and well as the traditional Automotive, Construction, ect.Cost: Federal Government will not build one Stealth B-1 bomber plane ($1.1 billion).Funds will be diverted ...

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Gun Control legislation

states gun policy is stricter than in other states. Gun legislation should be abolished in favor of federal gun legislation.To analyze the problem with gun violence today you must understand the gun l ... that are in effect. The gun legislation in the United States are mostly based on a state level. One federal law for example, prohibits the manufacture of all plastic guns. The federal government tight ...

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Cynisism in American Politics

random sample adults. In this interview, people were asked how much of the time they trusted in the federal government to do the right thing. Twenty-one percent said most of the time and seventy-one p ... ers in general. In a 1995 poll, thirty-five percent said the main reason that they do not trust the federal government is that politicians lack honesty and integrity. Another twenty-four percent cited ...

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What led up to the signing of the American Constitution.

The ConstitutionThe Constitution was written in 1787. It was written to create a stronger federalgovernment, one which could pass national legislation, levy taxes, mediate between thestates, ... d currency. Before the Constitution, there were the Articles ofConfederation, which had created the federal government, but which had restricted itspower because of the colonists' fear of central gove ...

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Economic policy in The United States

cutting taxes, reducing governmental waste, andbalance the budget by having a smaller more efficientfederal government. It should include equal opportunity forfinancial security but not through a gove ... ld also allowthem to invert more on new product development and researchwhich in many instances the federal government nowsubsidizes which requires management. This governmentmanagement bureaucracy co ...

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Development of Major Political Parties in America

The first two major polititcal parties were the Jeffersonian and the Federalists. TheJeffersonians believed in a decentralized government and foreign policy that support ... eved in a decentralized government and foreign policy that supported Francerather than England. The Federalists were in existance only a short time because ofdisagreement of the leaders, John Adams an ... rats and the Whigs. The Democratswanted the states to have more power and the Whigs wanted stronger federal government.When Andrew Jackson was elected President in 1828, his attempts to decentralize t ...

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Canadian Public Policy and Administration - Employment Equity Act, a short paper evaluating the success of the Act.

Canada has a population of approximately twenty six million people. With the introduction of the federal government's multicultualism program, the social demographic make up of Canada is quite vast ... ically, certain members of this social order have been denied fair access to employment system. The federal and provincial governments had undertaken steps to address the issue through a wide range of ...

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The Antitrust Case Against Microsoft

crosoft Corporation out of Redmond, Washington, headed by BillGates. What is at stake is money. The federal government maintains that Microsoft'smonopolistic practices are harmful to United States cit ... usiness.Microsoft's antitrust problems began for them in the early months of 1990(Check1), when the Federal Trade Commission began investigating them for possible violationsof the Sherman and Clayton ...

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Describes the roles of government in the present business environment

having a major role and influence on the businessenvironment. There are three levels of government; federal, state and local.The federal government has power over such areas as; companylaw, income tax ... or indirect influences on the business environment, encouraging orforcing businesses to comply. The federal government has the greatesteffect over the macroeconomic business environment through the ma ...

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The Debt, outline of Canada's economic crisis, an economic catastrophe

Few national economic issues have generated the same kind of concern as has the federal debt problem of Canada. There is a pressing need for long-term policies to lift Canada out o ... own operations and essential social services. Presently, thirty-five cents of every tax dollar the federal government raises is used for interest payments alone on the debt. Though there have been op ... used for interest payments alone on the debt. Though there have been operating surpluses within the federal government, they have been eaten up by the debt interest payments. Few people understand the ...

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Federalists vs. Anti-federalists

Federalists vs. Anti-federalistsAfter fighting the revolutionary war in order to get independence ma ... o the central government. They feared that it might become another monarchy. This is where the anti-federalists came from. Other people thought that there needs to be a strong central government. Thes ... ect itself, collect taxes, and have fewer problems with commerce the U.S. definitely needs a strong federal government.To start out with, the U.S. needs to be able to protect itself. In order to do th ...

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"The Grapes of Wrath", by Steinbeck - Critical Analysis

e noticed that these people received no aid whatsoever from neither the state of California nor the federal government. The rage he experienced from seeing such treatment fueled his novel The Grapes o ...

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The American Revolution of 1789

Parliment of Great Britain to government by a loosly connected confederation to a system of strong federal government somewhat similar to that of the tyrant of which they fought so hard to be free.Gr ... sphere. The overall feeling during the period of the Articles of the confederation was mistrust for federal or central authority of any type.As Americans realized the futility in trying to make the Ar ...

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US Civil War

oral issue, degrading and cruel. The South on the other hand wanted to protect its influence in the federal government. Therefore, a balance should be kept between free and slave states as the Union e ...

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