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Perspective of Jesus Christ during the Last Supper.

all, bewilderment. Things have evolved so fast I rarely have time to contemplate these thoughts and feelings. I am afraid to think such horrible thoughts for fear I will let Him down.It was close to n ... ds. My mind raced with ideas on how to tell them without casting doubt on their fate or causing ill feelings. Though I had never had trouble transforming my thoughts into actions that communicated to ...

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The concept of pride through the eyes of average adults.

When I first think of a word, the word "pride" comes to mind. It is defined as a feeling of honor and self-respect; a sense of personal worth. As you might know or will learn in tim ... k my car in a safe location. As a result, my car will be kept in great shape because I have a great feeling of pride towards it. On the contrary, if I have an old beater for a car that I have no pride ... e". I'm not attempting to criticize or to say that's wrong, but I feel that pride is a very special feeling and that it is something that should be cherished. I oppose in the sense that I believe that ...

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Defintion of the abstract word Disappointment

All you know is that they just missed one of the most important events, so far, in your life. This feeling of being let down and frustration is disappointment.Disappointment is a powerful emotion. It ... s a powerful emotion. It affects everyone, and cannot be avoided. It is a sense of being letdown, a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized or met. To feel disa ...

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e fear death because life is joyous and makes you happy and sad at times, but overall it is a great feeling to live and see the world. Many times people are just scared of loosing all their items, fam ... for them or they feel powerless they start to fear people, objects, or creatures. Power is the best feeling in the world and fear is not. The fact is that people need to stand up to their childhood bu ...

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different degrees of loss, but they may have the same meaning in the end. Loss can be the lack of a feeling that should be present in certain situations. The feeling may still be there, but not as str ... ievance depending on the possession. Any type of loss has an effect on people. The loss of a feeling can create grief and confusion. Walker Percy explains the significance of the loss of sovere ...

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A Self Portrait We have all had those feelings, the

A Self Portrait We have all had those feelings, the feelings of lust and love, when you experience that first kiss, or the split second af ... " I could see the many similarities between me and the narrator. I too have been overcome with that feeling of lust as it overtook my mind. I relate to the feelings of rejection by my peers as if I wa ... s "special" I felt as thought I could accomplish anything. Just like with my first experience those feeling would fade and as I look back on that I can't help but think how I resemble that young lady ...

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ity test my type was ENFJ. My percentages for the characteristics were Extravert 1%, iNtuitive 38%, Feeling 38% and Judging 67%. ENFJs are all about helping and interacting with others. Sometimes they ... ot on were my wiliness to help others. I have always been a person who cares about others and their feelings. I have a big family and I've always been there for them when they needed me. In many situa ...

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