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aped in the United States alone. Rape includes intercourse in the vagina, anus, or mouth. This is a felony, which means it is one of the most serious crimes committed in the United States. Although it ...

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Rape: Is It taken as seriously as it should?

What is rape? Rape, regardless of who commits it, is a felony of sexual assault that leaves the victim injured and traumatized. Rape is a misleading term w ... gia, if the defender is found guilty, he or she might get life of 10-20 years in prision, or even a felony punishmint by death ("Sex Crimes"). How many times do you believe that acually happens?6 out ...

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Rape...does the victim deserve it or not?

e should have capital punishment to the fullest. A planned out crime or mental health issue; it's a felony. It must be seen as an issue which affects all women. Rape is not just a women's problem it c ...

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Abortion in Texas

on (at least after 5 or six weeks) as homicide and it seems that at early Common Law abortion was a felony, and, therefore, a hanging offense. Later commentators, Coke and Blackstone, held expressly t ... eo. 3, c. 58.), introduceda statutory abortion scheme in England. Pre-quickening abortion was made afelony and post-quickening abortion was a capital crime. In 1837, with abolitionof the death penalty ...

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Cats in Ancient Egypt.

d, and shelter one. As a result of all cats being not only demigods also Pharaoh property, it was a felony to kill or injure one, even by accident, the consequence sometimes resulting in death. If a h ...

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Is the Death Penalty right or wrong?

erived from the early English law. Death was formerly the penalty for all criminals who committed a felony. The death penalty was explained as the legal killing of criminals by carrying out a death se ...

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Constitutional law

e Syndicalism Act would apply. In Whitney v. California it says that the Syndicalism Act makes it a felony to organize or join a group advocating, aiding, or abetting acts of violence to achieve polit ...

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Jack Donohue

to a rebel. When Jack was eighteen he was transported under a life sentence for 'Intent to commit a felony', which means that he meant to commit a crime. He was transported on the sailing ship 'Ann &a ...

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Please describe the current three (3) strikes law in California. Also, give any solutions you feel would correct the problems that are now occuring. Please attach a bibliography.

der the slogan, "Three Strikes and You're Out," the law ordains that felons found guilty of a third felony be locked up for 25 years to life (Godina). Although the first two "strikes" must be serious ... first two "strikes" must be serious felonies, the crime that triggers the life sentence can be any felony. This may include attempted burglary, grand theft, and even possession of a controlled substa ...

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Gun Control

rs to pick it up. The only restrictions are that you must be over eighteen years old and not have a felony within the past five years. This means almost anyone can go and purchase a gun and give it to ...

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Constiotutional Rights Paper

out a warrant if they have probable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a felony or misdemeanor in their presence." ( While law enforcement would ...

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Habitual Offender Laws - How do they Operate in Reality?

r such criminals became harsher.Who is a habitual offender? For example in Florida, US, a "habitual felony offender" means a person who previously has been convicted for two or more felonies in Florid ... must be for violent crimes, and in other states the mandatory sentence is pronounced for any third felony conviction in case if his first two crimes were "violent" or "serious" (or both). In some sta ...

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United States V. Microsoft

of trade or commerce among the several states, or with foreign nations shall be deemed guilty of a felony".- That Microsoft violated section 2 of the Sherman Act by attempting to monopolize the web b ...

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very main character in Fountainhead. It was here that the revolutionary, Roark, is acquitted of the felony of destroying a public building. This verdict shakes the world of the evil Toohey, ultimately ...

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Three Strikes

ses that take much valuable time from court. The third strike says, "Anyone convicted of any third felony must be sentenced to a minimum prison term of 25 years to life, or three times the sentence f ...                 - 80% rule: Anyone convicted of a violent or serious felony must serve at least 80% of the sentence, up from 50%.              ...

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robbery, but includes breaking and entering into a building in the time with the intent to commit a felony.The following most common performed crime is aggravated assault.Aggravated assault is a threa ... ing to do so. Forth degree murder is when a person causes a death during the course of committing a felony. Murder usually takes place because of rage or mental fault.Subsequently Theories have been a ...

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Euthanasia With Consent From The Affected Individu

w could one keep that from them? Rather than euthanasia being considered a crime; shouldn't it be a felony to force pain and suffering onto someone? Many people fall into commas and some becom ...

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There are so many types of music around the world

e the same thing. He's a human, and makes mistakes, just like the rest of us. He was charged with a felony, and is now on probation. The threat of going to jail made him shape up really quick, he stop ...

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Who I am

o dallas county I am case #. To my friends, family and piers I am billy joebob. This case # and the felony that goes along with it, does not define who I really am. People often like to stereotype oth ...

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an Governor John Engler signed an anti-suicide law in February that made doctor-assisted suicides a felony. The law went through a 21 month trial period. During this time anyone performing an assisted ...

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