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Beneath the wheel

let schoolwork, tests, or quizzes interfere with this opportunity to let my mind leave school for a few moments.Meanwhile, just a couple of tables away sat Chris. Just as religiously as I relaxed duri ... of [them]....'Hermann Heilner plays the roll of a student in a national German academy that only a few students are able to enter each year. Entrance requires rigorous testing, and only the brightest ...

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A recreation/reworking of an aspect of the text "Nineteen Eighty Four", such as adding to the text.

ith knowledge, at a member of the Thought Police...Winston recognised the voice that he had heard a few moments ago on the telescreen. Mr Carrington, the man who had been of great service to him for m ... other and indeed the party.' He paused as though he himself would be affected by this saga. After a few seconds of intimate silence, Mr Cunningham continued. 'You see Winston, in one combination or an ...

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The Quest

ed a bank, with a teller, so I could exchange my money. She looked down andthought about this for a few moments, then ever so slowly, she brought her head up with adumb look on her face and said,'The ... ket, and pulled out my twenty dollar bill. Waving it in herface, I repeated the question. It took a few seconds, but she finally seemed to figure outwhat I was saying.'No, but you can exchange your mo ...

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Ed Gein the Serial Killer Biography (written in a speech format).

A beautiful blond undresses and steps into the shower, only to be attacked a few moments later by a man in woman's clothing, who stabs her to death.....Lost teenagers stumble on ... ame was not Norman Bates, Leatherface or Jame Gumb..... but Edward Gein.Ed Gein grew up on a farm a few miles outside of the town of Plainfield, Wisconsin.Both of Ed's parents were very strict. Beatin ...

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Marijuana and its Medical Uses; A Call for De-Criminalization.

a large joint between his wrinkled lips, then lights it. He inhales deeply, holds his breath for a few moments, and the exhales. He grins and mutters, 'Seize the day.'" Without marijuana George would ... Marijuana has hundreds of medical uses. The case studies prove that it works as well as having very few and mild side affects. Dr. Ethan Russo recently studied smokers who have been smoking government ...

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This is a story about the Underground Railroad.

s worked the fields to harvest cotton. Most of the day slaves did field work, however, there were a few moments each day that slaves could gather in their home and do activities they enjoyed. Nonethel ...

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Sarah from a far

. She moans a bit about wanting to go back to bed for "Sleeeeeeeep!" (in her words). After having a few moments to realise what she is doing she walks into the bathroom.It's been twenty minutes! What ... I just want to know whether or not my friend replied yet. I will be a couple seconds." I agreed. A few moments passed while she checked her email. After she was done Sarah politely said "Thank-you it ...

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Defintion of the abstract word Disappointment

ed so hard for. As you enter the stage you are blinded by the rows of intense stage lights. After a few moments your eyes begin to adjust, but before you can catch a glimpse of your parents the music ...

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Cult of the Master The later Henry James was a master of technique. But how good a novelist was he?

tain call but in reality to receive the boos and jeers of a large proportion of the audience; how a few moments earlier, when this same actor-manager had declaimed from the stage, "I'm the last, my lo ... d it with all his longing for popular success. He was never seriously involved in the theater again.Few writers have been as reliably amnestied as Henry James. From the 1940s to the 1970s he was stead ...

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Europe; a Canvas for Military Warfare

h and Austrian throne, to international trading. These conflicts ended in 1763, which gave Europe a few moments of peace, but it was only a matter of time before an explosion in 1799 sent Europe into ...

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The Stranger and The Myth of Sisyaphus

ess in general. It is suggested in all three of these works that happiness is most present in those few moments when people are alone with themselves. Solitude, however, is not the only link in ...

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Black Mountain Herb - Part 1

eras about their necks and as many different styles of haute Casual as one could imagine, I shake a few hands and exchange a few moments of pleasantries. This is not everyone's first trip to the Blue ... s of THIS size, they were the subject of illicit convesations and quiet exclamations of envy only a few short years ago. ANd still today, wel lmost people have just never SEEN bud in this quantity.I h ...

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Black Mountain Herb - Part 2

Looking up, aware That I had lost the thread and a few moments in quiet reflection, I stood.Having already lost a few guests as they harvested their pl ... orial with a picture of the babe engraved in thre glass. It seems she helped deliver. My wife and a few others were there at the time too. I can tell you one thing. That kid will never need to worry a ... to make it."Taking a cup of coffee, a thing that is EVERYWHERE around Blue Mountain, she sat for a few minutes, talking to me."It grows good, and fast"Shaking her head and sipping another short sip o ...

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Prisoners of War - Chapter 18

We stopped off at a local diner for dinner after the trial, John offering us dinner. After a few moments of silence we gave our orders in, and John cleared his throat. "Do you guys want to hang ... noid for a second that she would come in even though he knew he had locked the door. "Nah not for a few hours." He said back into the phone. He looked at the clock on his desk. "Yeah, ok sure."He hung ...

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I wrote a review of the movie Napolean Dynamite. It examines the life of a young adolecent, Jon Heder, and the struggles he faces growing up. I recommend this movie to all.

to adopt an air of ferocious perpetual exasperation and disdain. But what keeps you going are those few moments when a tantalizing glimpse of the possibility of pure pleasure provokes the ultimate acc ... skills? Does Napoleon seem like the kind of guy who will be able to write a movie like this just a few years later?Families who appreciate this movie will also enjoy Gregory's Girl, Lucas, My Bodygua ...

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A newspaper report on Al Capone and the St Valentines day Massacre

police car, three of them in uniforms and two in civilian clothing. They entered the building and a few moments later, the clatter of machine gun fire broke the stillness of the snowy morning. Soon af ...

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Long Days Journey Into Night: Mary Tyrone's Personal Journey

, Mary becomes the central character around whom the males in this play revolve. She emerges in the few moments of normalcy as the source of life for them, the quiet hub around which they move, happy ...

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Informal social norms.

where I was blindside by the fact that I couldn't, "pass the gas" so to speak. So I sit there for a few moments in what almost feels like embarrassment and then I decide that I'll just make the noise. ...

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Self Exploration 4: My Mind Before It Sleeps

ike I am either schizophrenic or on drugs. It is so hard to explain, but I will try my hardest. The few moments when I am between the realms of sleep and awake, my mind runs wild. I vaguely remember w ...

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Leonardo da Vinci

mes he would stop painting for days at a time; or, he would work on a specific character for just a few moments and then leave to continue working on it later. He worked on it from 1495 thru 1498 (Str ...

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