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puters are now used for communicating over large geographical areas through satellite, phone lines, fiber optic cables, and microwave technology. Global guidelines are needed for security of individua ...

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SWOT analysis of Reliance Infocomm and it's strategies to promote Reliance Infocomm.

s.- Comprehensive Network-The strong back bone high capacity network(terabit capacity) supported by fiber optic cables laid all over the country(60,000km)- Offering Value Added services to it's custom ...

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Introduction Early optical fibers were only capable of carrying a single signal. These fibers were used as a "backbone" to prov ... ed. Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is utilized to combine many signals, or colors, into one fiber optic cable. In the future, this technology may enable thousands of colors to travel through s ...

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WHAT IS SONET? SONET stands for Synchronous Optical NETwork.SONET/SDH is a synchronous fiber optic based transport format that includes inband network management and overlays the presentl ... nt from different vendors to achieve complete functional interoperability in transmitting data over fiber optic cables.WHY IS SONET IMPORTANT? SONET provides integrated, large bandwidth, high speed tr ...

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The world is Flat, Globalization, Microeconomics,Technology, outsourcing, fiber Optics, Off shoring

s have affected the world's policies, standards of living, and priorities.Before the outsourcing of fiber optics, the only way to become successful was to move to America and work. In 1951, India crea ... d a brain drain that filled up in New Delhi and emptied in Palo Alto"(105, The world is Flat). When fiber optic cables were invented in 1996(because of Netscape) Indians no longer had to come to Ameri ...

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