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The Structure and functions of proteins. This was a timed essay done in 30mins. HUMAN BIOLOGY

the body protein, glucose attach to the amino aciss in collagen molecules, the cross linkage makes fibres that are stretchy and easy to repair.Proteins are used indigestion. Endopeptidases break down ...

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The aetiology, current and potential treatments of multiple sclerosis

bsequent to the plaque formation, myelin (a fatty covering which surrounds and insulates nerve cell fibres in the brain and spinal cord) is destroyed. As myelin is responsible for facilitating the smo ... mptom. It is a (GABA)-B receptor agonist and acts on the pre- and postsynaptic terminals of primary fibres of the spinal cord to reduce the release of amino acids (AA?) and to antagonise their actions ...

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Standard Analytical Method; Fiber Distribution.

ength distribution can be carried out on any discontinuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic where the fibres can be released from the plastic matrix without degrading their physical form. The test metho ... ample preparation for Polypropylene matrices and the image analysis of the prepared sample of glass fibres.2.2All trained personnel may use this technique to measure fibre lengths.3FIELD OF APPLICATIO ...

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Crime is a Social Construct.

CRIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCTCrime is the product of the social structure; it is embedded in the very fibres of society. In this essay, I aim to explore different theories as to why crime exists within ...

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The case for cannabis

b with a woody stalk, reaches heights of 12-20 feet, and produces some of the strongest yet softest fibres of any plant on earth. The woody husk can be turned into pulp for paper, the fibres used for ...

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porosis comes from the Latin word meaning "porous bones" (FDA, 2001). "Bones consist of a matrix of fibres of the tough protein collagen, hardened with calcium, phosphorus and other minerals" (FDA, 20 ...

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Essay topic 5. Neuromuscular junction as site of disease process. AND Formation of Nuromuscular junction.

cialized junction, where a motor nerve forms its synaptic terminal with a muscle fibre, one of many fibres that make up a whole muscle. The mature neuromuscular junction is composed of three types of ... to the peripheral target.At the time of the first axons reaching the developing muscle, the muscle fibres are myoblasts that have just fused to form multinucleated myotubes, there is no evidence to s ...

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Biology 10 Notes on DNA and Molecular Biology.

d length of DNA seen during cell division but not during interphase. Chromosome attaches to spindle fibres at the centromere in prophase.Allele: Specific version of gene or function sequence of DNA. V ... d length of DNA seen during cell division but not during interphase. Chromosome attaches to spindle fibres at the centromere in prophase.Chromatid: Dpublicated ½ chromosome b4 separation in ana ...

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Fibre optics is the transmission of light through fibres or thin glass rods with a high refractive index over a distance.

ide. In order to get an image light is shone down the endoscope and reflected back up the bundle of fibres and viewed through an eyepiece by the endoscopist. Originally endoscopes were only used for d ...

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Masks at work.

kers from the materials that are working with. In a woollen mill tiny hairs break off from the wool fibres and these will cause irritation within the lung if they are breathed in. During normal produc ... d these will cause irritation within the lung if they are breathed in. During normal production the fibres are kept moist and they fall to the ground or machine ledges and do not cause any harm. If ho ...

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Key environmental issues of GM versus nanotechnology.

ese more efficient plants are used as medicines and vaccines, foods and food ingredients, feeds and fibres.As genetic modification has grown and advanced a new element of the science opened itself up ...

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Contrast the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease with those of Parkinson's disease. What causes these different symptoms and how does this affect the treatment of these disorders?

neurodegenerative disease characterized by abnormal clumps (amyloid plaques) and tangled bundles of fibres (neurofibrillary tangles) composed of misplaced proteins in the brain. It is by far the most ... moother. The disease is characterised by the gradual spread of sticky plaques and clumps of tangled fibres that disrupt the delicate organization of nerve cells in the brain. As brain cells stop commu ...

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Compare the structure and function of the xylem and phloem

rt and transport. It contains several different types of cells these are vessel elements, traceids, fibres and parenchyma cells. In contrast to this phloem tissue is living and comprises of sieve tube ... s living and comprises of sieve tubes, phloem parenchyma (also known as companion cells) and phloem fibres.In the xylem tissue the vessel elements and tracheids are the cells that are involved with th ...

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The three theories of transport in the Xylem

mber of different types of cell, and may include long, thin, usually dead cells known as tracheids; fibres (schlerenchyma); thin-walled parenchyma cells; and conducting vessels.The xylem vessel has tw ...

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Trade Restrictions and Hong Kong's Textile and Clothing Industry

cotton as a material with 50% or more cotton by weight, exporters started to mix cotton with other fibres and consequently increased their exports. As a result, the textile industry of the US demande ...

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Asbestos - Mineral, Friend or Foe?

insulation, fire protection, and strengthening of other materials. The controversy with it concerns fibres and products that were used in the past, often improperly causing them to be prohibited today ... factured products we use contain asbestos. Plastic, tiles, and cement to name just a few. Since the fibres are easily carried throughout the air, they can be readily inhaled. For this reason, asbestos ...

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Scientists claim that water = H2O. Suppose that a neuroscientist claimed that pain = the firing of c-fibres. How would a functionalist argue against the neuroscientist's claim?

cientists claim that water = H2O. Suppose that a neuroscientist claimed that pain = the firing of c-fibres. How would a functionalist argue against the neuroscientist's claim? What does this dispute r ... made by functionalists arguing against the neuroscientist’s claim that pain is the firing of c-fibres. I will thus disprove these arguments, concluding how this dispute reveals that the essence o ...

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