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"Brave New World" by Adous Huxley.

Ford versus JesusBrave New World is set in the fictional year of A.F. 632. In this fictional world A.F stands for "After Ford," which translates to ... uch as the conveyor belt and specialized labor. Ford is considered a deity among the people of this fictional world called the World State. As people in our own society believe in the power of spiritu ... of the World State believe in technology as a social order. We can compare Ford's following (in the fictional World State), to the followings of Jesus Christ in our contemporary society.The World Stat ...

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The Importance of the First Amendment: Which of the Amendments to the Constitution is Most Important and Why?

o new ideas; we would all conform under totalitarian rule for fear of punishment, quite like in the fictional world of dictatorship portrayed in George Orwell's ingenious novel, 1984. Thus, the First ...

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Book Review: "Eldest" by Chris Paolini

he second book in the Inheritance trilogy was written by Chris Paolini. The book takes place in the fictional world of Alagaesia in a time period called “After the Fall”. Eldest follows the ...

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Walt Whitman

is way of writing seem to take him from reality to another world at the moment in time. It is not a fictional world that he enters; it is a world with another life.When Whitman wrote, ""¦nothin ...

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Atlas Shrugged: Setting And Conflict Analasys

Galt's philosophy comes out on top. This is easy to do when you control all of the parameters of a fictional world, however my personal beliefs agree with rand on several of the tenets of objectivism ...

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Romeo And Juliet

use it doesn't take place in modern America. It's not based on any time period at all, but rather a fictional M.T.V. style world.Despite being in a new setting, Lurmann chooses to use the exact same w ... ridging the Renaissance with what is closer to today's society. There are many examples of how this fictional world is shown to the viewer by the director.The first example is the way Lurmann substitu ...

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Distinctive Forms of Expression in Beckett's "Endgame"

the course of the play that seem to have meaning in the absence of sound.This Modernist work is metafictional so the action on stage is broken up by habitually calling attention to itself as a work of ... calling attention to itself as a work of art. This motif keeps the audience from escaping into the fictional world and the cues within the dialogue are recognized as such. For example, the line "This ...

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Utopia Vs. Dytopia

s the main character, Winston Smith, experiences first hand. This is true for most residents of the fictional country of Oceania. This scenario is representative of the time that Orwell wrote "1984" i ... s Orwell's creation of dystopia in comparison to More's Utopia.Oceania and the other states in this fictional world are ruled by a totalitarian government that is constantly at war with the masses. Th ...

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Taming of the Schrew - Study Notes

ly's references to real people and places shows that even though he believes that he is living in a fictional world, he is in fact still stuck in reality. Shakespeare is making a point to the audience ...

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