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Talking about investigating the resistance of a wire

it itself can resist the flow of particles if the wires are either very thin or very long. E.g. the filament across an electric bulb is quite thin as needs to resist the flow of particles for the bulb ...

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Compare the structure and Function o the cnidocyte in Cnidarians to the colloblast in the Ctenophores.

charged nematocyst is a tiny capsule composed of a chitin-like material containing a coiled tubular filament that is continuous of the narrow end of the capsule.Fig1 UNDISCHARGED NEMATOCYST Whe ... When they are discharged, they penetrate the prey and inject poison. The open end of the 'thread' /filament may inject protein toxin that produces a sting. FIG2 DISCHARGED NEMATOCYSTSe ...

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The Resistance Of A Wire

uit itself can resist the flow of particles if the wires are either very thin or very long.e.g. The filament across an electric light bulb.How is it measured?The resistance of a length of wire is calc ...

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Anode tube

be ionized and reduce the kinetic energy of the thermionic electrons.Cathode; Consists of a coiled filament of tungsten wire enclosed in a focusing hood of focusing cup.Filament; releases a supply of ... t; releases a supply of electrons into the vaccum by thermionic emission. Tungsten is chosen as the filament material for the following reasons;1) High melting point (3387 degrees C)2) Low vapour pres ...

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The Radio Amateur's Handbook - Book review

e an electric light bulb, to which has been added a small metal plate close to but not touching the filament. A small wire attached to the plate is brought out through the side of the glass” (pag ...

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Reynolds Experiment

ss-sectional area of the pipe, A. In the first fluid flow rate in the downstream direction, the dye filament stayed straight and steady. This indicated that a smooth, well-behaved flow was maintained ... s maintained near the centerline and that Q was low enough. As the flow rate was increased, the dye filament became increasingly unsteady. This led to the filament break up and a cloud of dye was crea ...

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t used to be that I would go to the banks of the Mississippi River with Granny with a cane pole and filament line with no reel. Granny and I would be out to catch catfish or what ever grabbed the hook ...

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Apple Trees

The pollen grains send tubes down through the styles to reach the ovary (pollination). Through the filament the sperm present 'in pollen can reach the ovules that are in the ovary. The fertilized ovu ... nsects by their color and scent• Stamens - the male reproductive part made up of an anther and filament• Anther - the part of the stamen that produces pollen• Filament - the stalk of th ...

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