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During the Spanish American War fighting was taking place in the Philippines. This is an essay on those accounts in the Philippines.

d Spain and arranged for the purchase of the Philippines by the United States for $20 million . The Filipino leader Emilio Aguinaldo and his nationalist movement expected that the United States would ... s had landed in the Philippines; by 1900, there were 70,000. In February 1899, these troops faced a Filipino contingent of 50,000 men at the start of the Philippine-American War . After a first phase ...

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The challenges faced in life by first and second generation asian americans.

roken down by ethnic origin, about one and a half million are Chinese, one and a fourth million are Filipino, point eighty five million are Japanese, point eight million are Indian, point eight millio ... and point six million are Vietnamese (1990 census, courtesy of John Ho). However, by latest count, Filipinos are the largest ethnic group in Asian America. Because they are a minority, both first and ...

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An essay on Philippines Racism and the norm of thinking that racists have. Includes examples of typical Filipino racism and stereotyping.

ike them? Because the oppression was effective in instilling the belief that whites are better than Filipinos. Instead of responding to this in an aggressive mood, Filipinos took the belief as somethi ... f responding to this in an aggressive mood, Filipinos took the belief as something true. That's why Filipinos are really conscious about their skin color.How about this: did you know that our country ...

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English Communication Problems in the Philippines and the Consciousness of Today's Youth

Although Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Biko and Waray are the main local languages, while Filipino is the indigenous national language, English remains an important official language (Platt, ... and "reigns supreme in the econo-technical area (Platt, Weber, Lian 21)." This is the reason why we Filipinos are very familiar with the language. But we also have our own problems with it due to that ...

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"The Debut" of the Filipino-American Life.

A relevant question to ask before watching the film is "are you a Filipino?" Giggle, smile, sympathize, and maybe relate to the characters of this film if you are. Ot ... Otherwise, prepare to see a glimpse of only some of the many wonderful cultures of the traditional Filipinos.Gene Cajayon's "The Debut" revolves the relationship between Ben Mercado (Dante Basco), an ... Cajayon's "The Debut" revolves the relationship between Ben Mercado (Dante Basco), an Americanized Filipino, and his Filipino family. Tomorrow is the big day as the family of Ben gets busy in prepari ...

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Are Filipinos Ready for Globalization?

nd good governance, peace and solidarity and ecological integrity.Globalization brings fears to the Filipino workers. The fall of protectionism and other barriers to trade contribute much to the uncer ... rs face today. The State has a vital role in developing the skills and improving the welfare of the Filipino workers for them to face globalization squarely. He must have the necessary training and eq ...

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An All-Time Filipino Favorite: Chicken Adobo

licate mixture of bay leaves, vinegar, peppercorn, garlic and spices, it is no wonder that a lot of Filipinos use this adobo flavoring in a lot of Filipino gourmet dishes.Because the Philippine Island ... obo is a dish that has been influenced by Mexican, Chinese and Spanish cuisine and then spiced with Filipino taste. In the Spanish version of chicken adobo is a pickling sauce made with olive oil, vin ...

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Cultural diversity- Chinese and Filipino

in their traditions and rituals, though similar in their sexuality and beliefs are the Chinese and Filipino. Both cultures' beliefs, sexualities, rituals, values, and traditions have changed over tim ... ditions have changed over time due to the influence of other cultures and the media.The Chinese and Filipino celebrate different traditions that are held each year. Generally Chinese believe in Buddhi ...

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4), which contained the best, most serious and most challenging essays, original and translated, of Filipino scholars and leaders (1924); Literature and Society nby Salvador P. Lopez (1940), the prize ... native historyu, folkways, philosophy, psychology, and like studies for a fuller explanation of the Filipino way of life. BIOGRAPHY. Easily the most noteworthy biographer of this period is Carl ...

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Is The Filipino Culture Damaged?

Is the Filipino Culture Damaged? The Filipino culture is damaged. According to most anthropologists, we tak ... ged. According to most anthropologists, we take in as many foreign cultures as we can and give it a Filipino twist and then claim it as our own. That is true but in that process of accumulation, we st ... own culture.We mutate our culture by taking in so much foreign influence that we eradicate what is Filipino, our tradition and culture. During the pre-Hispanic and the post-Hispanic era, most of the ...

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Health And Human Deveopment

itish) as Office manager, and two daa'ees (field workers) Abdul Latief (Keralite) and Ahmad Abalos (Filipino). A year later Alia Montano (Filipino) was added for women's affairs.Currently, the center ... ry, and Abdul Latief, there are two additional daa'ees, Matovu Eissa (Uganda) and Essa Puentespina (Filipino), and Madiha Jaffer (Pakistani) is now in charge of the ladies section and the library.Libr ...

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Filipino food for thought

Food is a very important part of a Filipino's life. No gathering would be complete without the lechon and so many other Filipino delica ... so many other Filipino delicacies that we so enjoy. In my personal observation, it can be said that Filipinos seem to live simply for the pleasure of eating. You can't visit a home without being offer ... sit a home without being offered a drink and food from the people there. It seems that food and the Filipino have been deeply rooted together. It may be that through food that brings the Filipino fami ...

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History of Philippine Cinema

ne who shapes their consciousness.Philippine film as discussed in this paper includes films made by Filipino people exhibited in this country and possibly in other countries from the 1930s to the 1990 ... t the resources were tested to the limits.CHAPTER 1 I. The 1930s to 1940s A. Early Philippine Films Filipinos started making movies in 1919. However, it would be important to know that the film indust ...

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Comparing & Contrasting: Cambodians & Filipinos

Compare & Contrast: Cambodians & Filipinos Within the Asian country lie many cultures, beliefs, religions and much more. For example, ... an country lie many cultures, beliefs, religions and much more. For example, the Cambodians and the Filipinos. Cambodia is located in southeastern Asia, bordering the gulf of Thailand, between Thailan ... people split a pole means that they would go their different ways and split their friendship.In the Filipino culture there are also many beliefs. Superstition and ghosts are also a main belief in the ...

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Fine Arts admissions Essay

lly want to know: my parents are from the Philippines." Problem solved, right? Since discovering my Filipino heritage, they find it important to tell me about their Filipino friend. They soon begin na ... wards this typecast; however, my identity does not fit this description. Although I was raised in a Filipino family, ate Filipino food, and heard all the Filipino curse words in an angry parent's voca ...

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"The Indolence of the Filipino People Reaction Paper"

during the writing of La Solidaridad in 1887 in Berlin. The essay itself originally appeared in the Filipino forthrightly review, La Solidaridad, of Madrid, in five installments, running from July 15 ... t not only to the continuing corruption of the government and the ruthlessness of the friars to the Filipinos but also to the irresponsibility of the Filipino towards work, virtues and credibility. Th ...

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Comparative Paper on the Culture of Philippines and Malaysia

between these countries are also evident. The most colorful and celebrated parts of every Malay and Filipino life-the puberty, the courtship, engagement and marriage. These events are essential and sh ... nd these changes prepare every individual to the upcoming responsibility that lies ahead. A typical Filipino and Malay boy undergoes circumcision during this stage. A man who specializes in circumcisi ...

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just random

e of the coin.First, I would like to commend the president for making an effort to give the SONA in Filipino and for not giving theoretical measurements on the health of the economy which may be helpf ... for not giving theoretical measurements on the health of the economy which may be helpful to those Filipinos who're intelligences are challenged. He gave us more concrete examples on the current's sh ...

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Current Issues in the Philippines

k of environmental concerns among the marginalized members of our society. The lack of education of Filipinos living in the slum areas in major cities of the country is the void that keeps the gap bet ... ident, Benigno C. Aquino III, strongly believes that education is the first step that will lead the Filipinos to the "tuwid na daan."The lack of education can be equated to poor job opportunities. Job ...

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ne responsibly. Instead of completely opposing mining, which may lead to neglecting all benefits we Filipinos can get from it, those who are against it should focus on promoting responsible mining. Th ... ral environment, anti-mining groups began to form. They argue that mining is not really helping the Filipinos but it is only destroying our environment - nothing more. They fail to consider the good t ...

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