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Organization of an Major University Event. Detailed Event descriptions and evaluating the possibilities of continuing to redo the event once again.

IntroductionESEIC Ideas and Event objectivesIn 2001 The ESE Event Department was established by Filippo Ceragioli and Susanne Storåkers in 2001.During its first year the ESE Event Department ... ed.To take this idea further, ESE Lucca Event Department that now included Susanne Storåkers, Filippo Ceragioli, Helene Brandt, Salvatore Lo Leggio, Carlo Pratesi and Chiara Viganó theref ...

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I'm not scared: Discuss the role fear plays in the actions and motivation of the villagers.

tivates himself on with his comic book character Tiger Jack to try and free another innocent boy in Filippo.Michele Amitrano is a 9 year old boy who is adventurous and has a conscience which is not ve ... nce which is not very familiar for a boy his age. He has also embarked across a boy in a hole named Filippo, in his efforts of freeing Filippo he comes across imagining a lot of fear with monsters lik ...

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"I'm Not Scared"

, Michele is plagued by guilt, especially since he developed a friendship with the kidnapped Prince Filippo. It is inevitable that Michele will burst inside because of the burden that has been handed ... has been handed to him.Filippo is the weakest character in the novel. Although he is Michele's age, Filippo has not been exposed to the conditions that Michele has, and is not as emotionally and menta ...

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'While "I'm Not Scared" revolves around the adult's world of corruption and violence, it is essentially about the child's world of friendship and betrayal.'

appreciated for our good deeds but telling the others will make it only worse.After getting to know Filippo, Michele decides to be loyal and tries to tell his father about him but doesn't have a chanc ... boy with an amazing secret. As it turns out, Michele overhears his father talk to his friends about Filippo.In a fraction of a second Michele finds out the truth. On a routine check up on Filippo, Mic ...

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I'm Not Scared

is home. His return to the farmhouse was only due to the fact that he was inquisitive about whether Filippo, the boy, was alive or not. Michele is able to face his fear which shows that he is shifting ... ows that he is shifting from his childhood innocence and growing up.Although Michele now knows that Filippo is infact alive, he continues to visit him wanting to investigate further and gets deeper in ...

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