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The increasingly dominant role of women in film and television: a social or economic reform?

f evolutionary thinking in our culture and the media is often overestimated. With current trends in film and television it seems more likely that the motivation behind the increasing number of asserti ... form Tomb Raider was produced by Paramount Studios, who aren't renowned for their history in action films aside from 'Mission:Impossible' which is a possible exception. The series of adventure games s ...

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Femininity and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

cific slant found within the program formula for "Buffy the VampireSlayer" (BTVS) is unique in both film and television: the lead character is afemale world-saver who belongs to no government organiza ... ale and objectified females are what they watch.Feminist/critic Linda Williams contends that horror films are male orientedbecause the female victim is being punished for `looking,' the exclusively ma ...

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Position paper on Smoking- In a society of mystic illusions and grandeur all around us from billboards, to the constant bombardment of television and radio ads, Are they just blowing smoke. . .

smoking. Bombarded by advertisements from the local newspapers, to the international motion picture/film and television society, to the magazines we read it is brimful of tobacco ads. We are a society ...

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Indian animation industry

n market has increased significantly, based on some of the above-mentioned strengths.North American film and television program producers (that boast worldwide networks) are finding it viable to sub c ... tion production activities to independent studios overseas, and thus focusing instead on areas like film distribution. Indian companies are naturally partaking of this expanding potential.THE INDIAN D ...

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Charlie's angels movie review

l light. Over the 15 years since Charlie's Angels went off the air, the breadth of women's roles in film and television has evolved considerably. Would a movie based on the television series, have any ... use. Although this was McG's directorial debut, he has had success directing music videos, and this film has a frenetic pace reminiscent of a music video. McG uses quick pacing, tilted camera angels a ...

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Gay Rights and how there being Exploited

sexuality is biological not psychosomatic. Gays are treated as lopsided stereotypes in the world of film and television, much likes blacks were for the first part of the twentieth century. Blacks howe ...

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Film and Television Representations of Gay Men and Lesbians

e stereotypes instantly arose and the gay and lesbian community was oppressed from the start. Early film and television attempted to create well-rounded homosexual characters, with considerable attent ... ersity that was presented in years previous. As homosexuality continues to filter into our society, film and television portrayals of it have transformed from ruthless mockeries to open messages and s ...

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ESL: Presentation on Renny Harlin

9 in Riihimaki, Finland, Renny Harlin has established himself as one of Hollywood's most well-known filmmakers, both as a director and a producer with extraordinary vision whose work covers drama, com ... d a producer with extraordinary vision whose work covers drama, comedy, action and suspense in both film and television. After directing the low budget, low-fare movie Born American in 1986 starring l ...

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"Some Things Lost" - Analysis on Post-9/11 Films

e attendance was up 44% from the past year. When Wheeler Winston Dixon compiled his Introduction to Film and Television After 9/11, it was exactly one year after the attacks on the World Trade Center ... trying to evaporate the past.The first year after the attacks brought about many documentaries and films interpreting the events. Over time, Dixon feels that the shock value of these images and scene ...

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Semiotics And Symbolic Interactionism

l whatever you just thought up in your head and much more was all written in the Journal of Popular Film and Television. They analyzed the modern day and early urban and suburban sitcoms that the Amer ...

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Planet Of The Apes

ner of Star Trek fame. He has produced dozens of shorter works of fiction and three screenplays for film and television. Although too modest to tell you himself, Mr. Quick has been listed in "Who's Wh ...

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Hazelwood history of censorshi

cause any material that they objected to, for whatever reasons, to disappear . . . Virtually every film and television show would vanish . . . School textbooks would be so watered-down as to be meani ...

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Issues of Character: Noir and Neo-noir          Noir and neo-noir

Issues of Character: Noir and Neo-noir Noir and neo-noir films bring to audiences everywhere a sense of mystery, gloom, and unsettlement. Films such as The B ... f the how noir and neo-noir characters bring forth a disturbing part of the plot for their viewers. Film noir is actually a French term, which translated means "black film." The term itself was not cr ... was not created until after the so called "golden age" of noir, roughly 1941 - 1959. This genre of film is defined as ?A movie characterized by low-key lighting, a bleak urban setting, and corrupt, c ...

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of our culture concerned with communication. A semiotic can be spoken written pictures mathematics, film TV dress and body language. Semiotic analysis of language has provoked interest in a wide area ... primitive cultures. It has brought about theories between video and audio communications systems in film and television and it is widely used in the advertising industry. Semiotics is not just prevale ...

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Guns, the military and the media's depiction. From Columbine to Camera.

tally, to the establishment of powerful bonds between the emotional fantasy-generating substance of films and the material objects those films contained" (Charles Eckert). Discuss.The objective of thi ... ootings had on the international world media's coverage and enquiry into the role that the American film and television industry play in promoting the visual culture of guns and violence. I will there ...

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reaction about an issue is through the media. Racial stereotyping is perpetuated highly through the film and television media, so it is important for people to mind what they watch, and how sincere th ...

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Disney Organizational Technology Plan

d name as "Walt Disney Studio." In November 1928, Disney created one of the first memorable created films made with sound was the Mickey Mouse cartoon call "Steamboat Willie." This was the introductio ... er immediately became very well-liked and recognized. Disney was growing many times over with their film success, and with related brand merchandise. About 20 years later, Disney created their first l ...

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